"Light Bright"

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To y'all members, this basement setting might look a little familiar to you....The reason that it is familiar is that this 40 year old woman is the live-in girlfriend of a previous model on my website named  "Puffy"....Like I said before, I was introduced to Puffy by another girl who is on this website....

When I went over their house for the second time to shoot the fuck video of puffy, I came downstairs and got to chitchat with puffy...Even though she had on some baggy sweatpants and a loose t-shirt, I knew that lightbright had a nice body on her and I knew that I needed to see what her body looked like so I kind of mentioned to her that I would love to see her naked....I also told her girlfriend puffy, that I would give her a referral fee if she could convince lightbright to take some naked pictures...

Luckily, she was down with the program and I got a phone call to come back over their house and shoot lightbright...So I showed up one day with two packs of Basic 100 cigarettes and a six pack of Milwaukee's Best Ice beer and I was ready to get down to business...When I got over there, puffy told me that she had to go to the store and buy some lighters for the cigarettes...This is AFTER I just brought them two lighters the time before along with their cigarettes....Why they can't keep up with lighters, I don't know...Anyway, because she had to go to the store, I was left in the house alone with lightbright.

When she took off her clothes, I knew that I had a winner on my hands...She has nice perky tits and a decent looking round ass on her....In fact, I was getting kind of turned on.....I would have asked her to suck my dick on the spot but I didn't have my video camera with me on this day...However, they told me that they were willing to shoot a lesbian fuck video for me so let's keep our fingers crossed because I plan on shooting the video within the next few days....She might be willing to do a blowjob video with me also but it depends on how her girlfriend acts...But they DEFINITELY agreed to doing a video where they are fucking each other...I don't get off on lesbian videos too much so I might just have to jack off and nut on one of them while they're having sex but who knows.

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