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Happy Halloween to all....It's starting to get cold again so that means that it's going to be a lot harder to find some girls for the site. I made it through last winter so I should do it this winter also...Anyway, I first saw this girl while I was on my way to my babymomma's house. I would have gotten her in the car right then but my babymomma already knew that I was on my way and I didn't feel like hearing her mouth if I was late....So I gave her a business card and told her to call me. She gave me the number to her daughter's house and I drove off, never expecting to hear from her again. But she called me the next night, asking about getting paid. I put her off for almost two weeks because I was too busy but she kept calling me.

Then last week, I finally was able to go get her. On the way back to my crib, I give her the usual interview session so that I can see where her head is at. She told me that she spends half of her time up here and the other half in Alabama, where her family is from. It just happened that she mentioned the same small town in Alabama where my father's side of the family is from. When I told her my last name, her mouth dropped. It turns out that her family and my family are very tight in that town. Even some of her kids shares the same last name as me. So in essence, in some long drawn out complicated way, THIS GIRL IS RELATED TO ME! It's so distantly related that it wouldn't matter if I decided to fuck her but the fact that I'm driving around on the streets and end up finding somebody who shares some of the same DNA with me and ends up butt naked on my website kinda scares me! She was telling me how good she could suck a dick and she did look like she had some good pussy on her but I ain't trying to do it.

Ain't that some shit? This Thursday's update happens to fall on Halloween, and I end up finding a girl who is somehow related to me. SPOOKY!...........I shit you not, this is a true fucking story. NO BULLSHIT!

Even if she's a family member, I'm still paying her and that means that she has to get naked. I got all up in the pussy and I have a beautiful shot of her glistening tight asshole. She's 34 years old and she has a nice tight body...Just look at that ass on her! Come on in and see some of my kinfolks get naked for ya.

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