Kentucky Fried Crackhead

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Even though I am starting to get some younger regular girls. I am not going to forget where I came from and stop showing the Crack Heads. They are what I have built my empire on. See anybody can pay the real pretty bitches hundreds of dollars to pose but it's hard to find those kind of bitches. However, no matter what is going on. No matter if it is freezing, raining, or blazing hot outside, I will almost ALWAYS be able to find a Crack Head and get her naked for $20.00.  You can't beat that shit! The bargain is just too great for me to pass these hoes up.

Anyway, the reason I called this girl the "Kentucky Fried Crack Head" is because she works at Kentucky Fried Chicken during the day and she sells her ass at night on the streets so that she can get high. She has a good system. When she gets paid from KFC, she keeps half of her check in cash and puts the other half in the bank to pay her bills. Then she goes out in the streets to make enough money to get high on. So if she goes broke, she still has money for food and utilities. It's good to find an intelligent crackhead every once in awhile that at least knows how to manage her habit.

She had a phat ass on her but her skin was ashy like a muthafucka. She would  a whole jar of vaseline just to get her skin back to normal. Plus she had a whole lot of marks on her body. I can't stand no ashy black bitch with a bunch of marks on her. But I must maintain the Black Vagina Finder Motto, "If She Has A Pussy, She Is Qualified!" I really wanted to get my dick sucked on this day and as the Members will see in the videoclip, she said that she could give some good ass head. But I can't let no bitch with all those kind of marks on her put her mouth around my dick. It's safer to come home, get the olive oil, and jack my own dick off. 

I don't know but I don't think that this girl's elevator goes all the way to the top. (for non-Americans, that means that I think that she's CRAZY). She can function without trouble, but when I was doing the photo shoot, it just seemed like she was really spaced out. I didn't care though because I still got the upclose asshole and pussy shots.

I went to the Kentucky Fried Chicken that she told me that she worked at the next day and sure enough, I saw her in there. The KFC folks aren't stupid and they knew better then to have her crazy ass up front taking money and talking to customers. They have her in the back frying that muthafuckin CHICKEN. So I ordered a 3 piece dark and the chicken was good. She did a real good job because the chicken was hot and crispy and just juicy enough inside. So the next time y'all go to a restaurant, you might have a streetwalking, dicksucking CrackHead in the back cooking your food. Doesn't that food look Yummy?

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