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I'm not going to bother writing a story this week since I'm already late with this update....I was out of the country enjoying myself and I haven't gotten myself back into "American" mode yet....The only thing I remember about this woman is that she sucked a decent dick and almost vomited when I shot my load in her mouth.....I know that I told her that I was about to cum but y'all know how it is....When a woman asks you to tell them when you're going to cum, you'll do it but you'll say, "I'm cumming" so softly that the woman won't hear it and then when she says "Hmmm?" to try to verify what you said, sperm is already being shot down her throat....You'll see in the sample video what I'm talking about.

Next week, I'll be back in the full swing of things and back out on the hunt for some more ghetto black pussy out in the streets.....I might put more pictures up from the trip next week and I might not..... but believe me, I had a FANTASTIC time.....I did all kinds of wild shit like hiking in the jungle and tubing down rivers and seeing shit like monkeys, bats, poisonous snakes, a multitude of insects that like nothing better than to bite the shit out of you, and crocodiles.....I rode in all kinds of boats going all kinds of places and doing all kinds of things....I lived good, ate good, and Beach Barhopped good....In fact, I met more people and had more sex in two weeks on my recent vacation than I had in the year and change that I lived in Puerto Rico...

I'll see y'all next week with more black pussy. 


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