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As I drove out on this particular day to hunt for a new girl, I had exactly $48 in my wallet...Two Twenties and Eight single bills.....I was thinking to myself how the area has kind of dried up....In fact, I'm thinking about expanding to a new midwestern country town that is CHOCK FULL of niggas....I am also thinking about just making that expansion to Chicago which is an hour and a half from here....But when it's a normal business day and I'm tired from working out at the gym, I'm not trying to do all of that driving....So what I end up doing is driving around my hood looking for a female that I haven't seen before......And just when I thought I couldn't find anymore gems out on the streets, I see a brand new piece of Young Black Pussy named "Jamaica" standing at the bus stop in one of my most reliable hunting grounds I've come across since I've moved to this city...

A lot of girls stand at bus stops so that they'll look like they have something to do and not just loitering....I must say that it worked because by the way she looked and the way she was dressed, I just thought she was another girl in the hood waiting at the bus stop....However, there were men coming at her left and right....Just in the time I saw her, turned around, and got my chance to holla at her, three different men had already drove by and propositioned her....However, she didn't get in the car with any of them and the only reason I could guess is that they just thought she was a friendly ghetto girl and were trying to get a freebie...And as soon as she told them that it would cost them, they drove off....So since I'm out there to conduct business, as soon as I rolled my window down, I decided to talk money.....The first thing out of my mouth was, "Do you want to make $40"?....Then she asked me "How?"...Now I don't discuss anything sexual unless the woman is already in my car so I told her about taking some pictures and she approved and told me to turn around and pick her up....

She then gets in the van and I give her the full sales pitch....She's with it so we go to park....I just love feeling up young tender teenage bodies when the girl is getting undressed....I have no idea why I didn't just suck her titty but I didn't even think of it until I started writing this paragraph so oh well.....I got some great closeup shots of her clean tight asshole and her young fresh pink wet wide open pussy.......Then she gave me a nice blowjob after that and you can view that on video......In fact, she gave me such good service, I pulled out the other $8 dollars and handed it to her....I would've given her even more money if I had the cash on me because she was worth every fucking penny......She also likes women and she has a big titty girlfriend who I saw when I was dropping Jamaica back off...I'll try to get them both back but I can't promise anything....I do have Jamaica's number so I'll call her and try to set it up.

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