"Invisible" 50 year old redbone woman

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I really liked this woman....I even did the rare thing and let her have my phone number because she's a cool ass brawd with some big smooth titties on her....And since she's so light skinned, you can even see some of her veins showing through the skin, which is why I call her invisible....All in all, she's sexy as hell.

And she can suck a dick well too....So well that she got me off rather quickly with some simple up and down headbobbing action.....She didn't do any special techniques like licking on the dick or sucking on or jiggling my balls...All she did was put her mouth on my dick and go up and down and it felt marvelous......She also has a nice phat ass on her with one of the prettiest assholes you ever seen on an old woman....I got some great upclose shots of her asshole and her wet juicy pink pussy that looks so juicy that you'll think your screen is wet...

After we handled business, we even went over to one of her friends house and hung out for a bit and after I left, she called to make sure that I got home....She's alright in my books....

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