Iguana & Head Doctor Double Header

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Since this is a double header week, obviously there are two girls and I gotta talk about both of them.......Let's talk about the video first and how one of my FAVORITE dicksuckers returned to just gobble up my cum....Her name that she gave herself is, "The Head Doctor"......

Now this bitch's head is legendary........And presently there are over 180 of my homemade videos on this website....That means that I've busted a lot of nuts and gotten my dick sucked a lot of times.....I'm gonna go out there and put head doctor in the top 25 dicksuckers on this site.....She's not up there with "Track Runnin Tae Tae" or "Zulu" or "Trouble", but she is solidly in the top of the pack....I'm gonna change my mind in mid paragraph....The way that head doctor is willing to swallow every last drop of my sperm actually puts her past the great "Tae Tae" because even though tae tae was a great dick sucker, she was a notorious cum dodger who avoided my sperm like it was battery acid. 

Anyway, you'll like this second video and as you can tell by the sample video, she drank my cum like a starving Ethiopian child would gobble down titty milk from a fat healthy American titty....But only if he could :( . 

And I want to give a shoutout to Head Doctor's nephew, who saw her on this site and ran like a bitch to his aunt to tell her about it....Well guess what little nigga?.....Your aunt sucks a hellafied dick....And I'll bet that it runs in the family.....So since you're her nephew, that means that your Mama is her sister.....So tell you what?.....You go and run to your Mama and tell her to call that phone number that's listed at the top of this website and holla at me.....I love fucking someone's sister, mama, or daughter....I don't give a fuck as long as it's family.....As you're reading this, go and get up and run upstairs from the basement and bitch to your mama little nigga nephew. 

So that's the end of what I have to say about Head Doctor and her excellent dicksucking video......So let's talk about the next bitch, who I'll call Iguana....

I can't stand this fucking lizard faced broke James Baldwin lookin bitch....She wasted $20 of both mine and my paying customers money and I don't like wasting OUR money....But sometimes, just like Silk The Shocker used to say, "You gotta charge it to the game"......And that's just what I had to do with this bitch......Now tell me that this bitch doesn't look like James Baldwin....For y'all who don't know who he is, Google it and learn something. 

Anyway, this is what went down with this bitch.......I was doing the left side approach to my territory and I happened to see this girl standing on the corner, yapping to some other nigga down the sidewalk....I turned the corner and waited for the bitch to finish her conversation with the nigga and then she eventually made it to my van door and got in......I had already recognized her face but it didn't ring a bell......She then told me about how she was in my van before...Then I asked her what happened the last time that she was in my van because my mind was currently drawing a blank....Then I asked if I had taken pictures of her before and she said, "I don't know" and said some more nigga jive that I didn't really hear because my balls were full and my only concern was getting a female naked and having a strong ejaculation....

So I went ahead and found somewhere to park....However, since the area that I picked her up in is in a hot residential area, I had to drive a ways to get to a main street that's not hot and full of niggas out on the porch and in the yard being nosy and shit......That's one thing about being in a Black neighborhood when it's warm outside which makes it harder to find a private spot once you catch your hoe for the day.....It's a simple BASIC computer program...

IF weather = hot

AND If air conditioning = false

AND If access to porch = true

Else If access to a patch of grass or dirt = true

THEN Niggas = outside being nosy


So after finding a spot far away, we got in the back of the van and I gave her the first half of the money which would be for the pictures.....As soon as she got the money in her hand, she was talking about not wanting to show her face and by the way that she was acting, I decided not to even pull out the still camera for pictures and instead, I just said that we would start with the blowjob, which I would rather have had anyway.....So she's getting ready to give me the blowjob and I pull out my camera.....She starts sucking my dick lamely and after a few seconds, starts to complain about the video camera being on and how she didn't want her face shown and this and that......So the few seconds of footage I got of the woman was useless.....Then I was so desperate to get my rocks off, I put the camera down and told her that I wouldn't film it and to just suck my dick....She then starts to whine about how I still had some footage of her in the camera and I told her the same thing, which was that I couldn't use the film....But she used this as an opportunity to make some money without having to do anything....So she starts with the fake crying and whining about how "wrong" it was as she starts to put her clothes back on.....So naturally, I ask her for my $20 back and she says that she won't give it back and that she wasn't scared of me either....Now just her saying that, let me know that she actually WAS scared of me....Now I could've gotten gorilla on her and gotten my money back but she had a long big flathead screwdriver and I wasn't going to risk getting stabbed in the temple or in the eye because I wanted to fight with a crackhead bitch over $20....I have a family to get home to...Fuck that shit....

So the only thing I could really do was yell at her and cuss the bitch out in the most nasty and hateful way possible....One of my comments I could tell kind of stung her emotionally but it ain't all that........Then this bitch actually has the nerve to ask me for a ride back to where I got her from.....I screamed on that bitch not to be asking me for a ride after she just got $20 for nothing and told that whore to get the fuck out of my van.......I eventually got my dick sucked by some other girl who is on this site but I can't remember.....

Then, when I got home, I checked my stash of unreleased pictures to see if I could find her and sure enough, there she was......The reason why her face rung a bell but didn't click in my brain that I have shot her before is because I never released the pictures, which means that I never named her until now.......I guess she was in a better mood when I met up with her many months ago....Something must have happened in her life since then to change her....But who knows and who cares?....

Well here she is and after I edit these pictures, I don't want to view these pictures again for many more years to come......I just took a pause to look at the pictures again and I must say that she has a decent ass on her and a nice tight clean asshole.....So if you like big pics of upclose asshole, you'll love this week's girl....Her pussy didn't look as good but oh well....It wasn't horrible so it is what it is. 

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