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I found this tender thang at my old job. I used to see her walking around work looking cute with all kinds of nice clothes but I wasn't going to say anything to her. I don't hit on women I don't know at my job. You can't mix your women with your job and I wasn't trying to even risk catching any kind of harrassment charge at work. All of you men should do the same. I don't care how fine she is. If she is at your job, LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE! Don't fuck with her "unless" she hits on you first. Then you can see what's up with her. But don't let the relationship sour because you'll be in for hell.

I quit my job back in early August, so since I knew that I was going to quit, I wasn't worried about catching any problems from the job. During a break, I walked up to her and stopped her right before she was about to go into the bathroom and gave her one of my "erotic photography"  business cards and told her to call me if she ever wanted to make some cash. She looked at me like I was kind of crazy and said ok and kept walking. This is a VERY proper college type girl. She talks very proper and seems to be somewhat sophisticated. That can be a good thing but she needs to learn how to drop the sophistication and put a little nigga in her wiggle when it's time to get freaky. I thought that she was Ethiopian but she said she's just ordinary Negro. I know that there has to be some Indian somewhere way back in her bloodline though. 

Just like other times, where I never expected to hear from the girl again, she calls me up over two months later. All of a sudden, she got fired from the old job and she needed a little extra money. She was talking all proper and setting up the photoshoot like it was a Doctor's appointment or something. We decided to do it a week later. The day before I was supposed to pick her up, she calls me to "confirm our appointment". I joke with her and answer her back in a rigid stuffy white man's voice confirming our appointment and she laughs because she knows she's taking this photo shit way too seriously.

And can you believe that this woman is 27 years old?? I thought that she was a young college student and when she told me her age and showed me her drivers license, I was shocked. Her body is so smooth and soft and she has such cute little boobies on her..I could have sworn she was younger. Her titties are so small, it's like a mouthful of titty with a nice nipples and a big round brown circle on it. ummmmm ummmm. I wanted to nurse those muthafuckas like a baby. Her ass is so smooth and she smelled so good. I just wanted jump on this shit like a vampire and devour her frail innocent little body :) (I'm a pervert huh?)

This girl doesn't smoke or drink.But she's about to start drinking. I gave her a shot of Brandy and she sipped on it a little bit. She told me that she was about to go to a strip club later on that night and audition. I couldn't believe it! How in the hell could this black version of Mary Poppins all of a sudden become a damn liquor drinking, butt naked picture taking, ass shaking stripper? What in the fuck happened? I shit you not, I have learned in this porn game how just a simple change in a woman's situation will get her to consider all kinds of things that she may have never thought possible before. I told her that I would definitely be coming through for some lapdances. Even though she's very slim, she still has a nice little round ass on her and it sure felt squeezably good! 

And her pussy.....ohhh man, she had some luscious looking juicy pink pussy! Her pussyhair was the type that would be on a mixed girl or an indian girl, not that bb-shot nappy shit. Of course I got her bent over and had her spread her proper little asscrack for y'all, showing you that ultra tight clean asshole. This is some premium shit right here! 

Members already know that I frequently take pics with my hands all in the pussy and grabbing titty and ass and all of that. She tried to fake like she was concerned about me groping her and she said to me, "I thought you said you were a professional"?. I told her that I WAS a professional. Just because I'm rubbing and squeezing her ass and playing with her titties and nipples and sucking and licking on your neck doesn't mean that I'm not a professional. I was offended by that statement :) 

The only problem that I had with her is that she didn't know how to arch that back right when it came to the doggystyle poses. I asked her if she puts her ass up like that when her man is fucking her from the back and she said yes. I knew right then that either her man don't know how to fuck worth a damn, OR she's lying and doesn't have a man at all. Either way, I offered free instruction on how she should arch her back while fucking doggy style and I was willing to give her the first lesson right there. She wouldn't let me hit it but ya never know. She might call me months later after she thinks about my offer for awhile.

I have never seen this girl out in public before until the very next day after I took the pictures of her. I was coming out of the mall and I saw her going in the mall with some nigga. I don't think she saw me and if I saw them in time, I would have walked right past them just to see what her reaction would be. Maybe she really does have a man. I wonder if the $100 that I paid her was being spent on that nigga up in the mall. If her man only knew that only a few yards away, there was another man who just had his girl spread eagle on his couch and had her almost ready to throw that pussy at me....He had no idea...

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