Happy Ass Angie

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The reason that I call this 45 year old woman "Happy Ass Angie", is because I have never met a woman who was so damn happy to make $28.00 in my whole life. I mentioned to y'all last week that this winter is awful. It's snowing every fucking day and it's too hard to find bitches out here. Plus, I have gotten damn near every hoe there is on my side of town. I'm going to have to wait until it gets warm to find some of the young hoes who are just starting to sell their ass for a summer job. Man, I can't wait until it's hot again. I'm gonna run these hoes!

Anyway, since I couldn't find any hoes on my side of town, I have decided to branch off into another side of town. I rarely bring my camera with me when I'm out hunting hoes. I usually find them on the streets, bring them back to the crib, and shoot them there. But since I was going to the other side of town, something told me to bring my camera with me. Even though it could be a risk going into a woman's house that you don't know, I had a gut feeling to bring my expensive camera with me. I've only gotten one other girl from this side of town. Some of y'all might remember her. Her name was "Little Black Gremlin". There are a lot of hoes on this side of town but the cops will harrass the fuck out of you because it's a HIGH drug area. I'm not even in the neighborhood for ten minutes and then I see Angie's skinny ass walking down the street. I toot my horn at her, she waves back at me, and waits for me on one of the side streets as I turn around. 

This woman just got out of jail awhile ago and she only has two months left on parole and she's finished being on papers. She's doing real good. She isn't using any drugs anymore and she's trying to straighten out her life. She said dope wasn't worth the shit she would go through if she had to go back to jail. It was hard to convince her to take the pictures but she really needed the money badly. I offered her $20 at first but her attitude was so good, I offered her $25. We went up the street a little bit and took the pictures at her sisters house. Her sister wasn't supposed to be home but when we got in there, her sister was sitting in the living room watching "The Price Is Right". I guess she took off of work that day to hang out at home. Actually, I don't even know if she has a job at all. Y'all niggas know how it goes. These women get an apartment on the Welfare system paying $10 a month and get to sit at home watching color tv and eating fried chicken or fish every day. Her sister was ghetto as hell and the first and only thing she said when she was introduced to me is "Do you smoke cigarettes"? I told her that I didn't and after that she didn't have shit else to say to me...

We then go upstairs so that she can pose in her neice's bedroom, who was in school at the time. I don't think that Angie has her own room in the house. Since it's her sister's house, she probably just sleeps on the couch. I'm so glad that I brought my camera with me because I might not have been able to convince her to come back to my side of town to take the pictures. The whole time, she thought that I was bullshitting her. She didn't believe that she was going to make an easy $25 just for 15 minutes of work. I told her that I wasn't bullshitting and that this was just her lucky day. I am really real. I really am going to pay her for the pics.  She still didn't really believe it until I shot the first pic of her after she got naked. 

Yes, she's a bony thang but her titties are still perky for a 45 year old broad. She's very light skinned and she has green eyes and her hair is kind of straight. That can only mean that she is mixed. Her pussy didn't even smell bad. Old men and men that like older ladies are gonna love this middle aged soon to be granny. I made sure to get some good clear closeup shots of that wide open pink pussy and that hairy bootyhole. 

After we were finished, she was so happy that she made $25 dollars. She told me that she had a shitload of friends her age who would get naked for me. I gave her some business cards and told her to give me a call. And when I told her that each girl would catch her a whole $20 finders fee, her face lit up with joy!! She was so happy that I had to give her another three dollars so that she could buy her sister some cigarettes. I was on a roll then!! She thought that I was an angel who had fallen from the sky! She didn't have shit in her pockets and here I come to make her $28.00 richer just to have a little fun!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! 

I'm glad that I was able to save her day. Now y'all need to join up and see this high yellow booty I'm offering up this week. I got mouths to feed here at home. Y'all know how that goes. The more cash I can slide my babymomma, the less she is in my ass bitching about some bullshit. No matter how bad you get along with a woman, it's AMAZING how a little cash thrown her way can make shit a whole lot more bearable. I got a whole lot of other shit that's going on right now that's going to cost me a lot of cash. I don't want to discuss it all but it's gonna take a lot of cash....Help a nigga out and become a member today!! I'm just a poor black amateur pornographer trying to scrape by in life and make ends meet. Y'all don't want to see Blackvaginafinder in the homeless shelter with these hoes that I take pictures of do you??? Please help donate to the cause by joining TODAY!! I'm tired of eating pinto beans every day!!

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