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I decided to make this week's ghetto black pussy update a doubleheader and combine two dick sucking videos that were too short to be put out on their own...Both videos come with corresponding picture sets..

I found Gratitude somewhere out in the hood....I can't remember much about her but I got her naked for some pictures and blew my hot cum load in her mouth....So who really cares?.....Now as for Slenda, she's been on this site before....I was surprised to see her because normally she doesn't work that area.....I have three separate hunting grounds and they aren't walking distance from each other so each section has it's own set of hoes....But I picked her up anyway because my balls were ultra full and I didn't care if it was a new or old mouth that I came in....

In both instances, I picked up a woman with full balls and shortly afterwards, I busted a huge nut in their mouth....However, with all of the exercise I'm doing and supplements I'm taking, I can no longer go out and hunt with a full ballsac as I will cum too quickly....So what I'm noticing is that I need to bust a nut the day before I go out on a hunt...Then, I will still bust a big load the next day, but it will take longer for me to cum...I used that technique with last week's girl, "Friendly", and it came out with great results....

So Click Here To Join to see the up close wide open pussy and asshole photos, along with their dicksucking video....And I'll see y'all next week with some fresh ghetto pussy off of the streets...And as of now, I have no idea who it will be yet....Isn't that exciting!.



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