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Just like I have told y'all over and over again, if you're hunting pussy, you have to be prepared to find pussy ANYWHERE! I have stated before that I moved away from my Babymomma and got my own house. Well, when she left, she took the washer and dryer. This is why that I now have to go to the laundromat once a week to wash my clothes. Anybody with common sense would know that a laundromat is where a lot of women would be. If my big wallet having ass uses a laundromat, you know damn well that the hoodrats that need some extra money will be there too...and that means more potential naked pussy for this website. Hunting pussy is a job that I am on damn near every waking hour.

I found Butt Crack in the laundomat, washing clothes with her cousin. I saw her ass as soon as she walked through the door. I'm a bold muthafucka so I just walked up on her while she was putting the clothes in the washing machine. I gave her a quick introduction and passed her my business card. Anybody will take a business card from you so what you have to do next is to try to close the sale by getting her phone number. Most of the time, they will say "I'll call you". A lot of the time, however, they give you their number. Believe me, it gets easier the more you try it. I've asked a girl for their phone number before I've even asked for their name. If she's in the right mood, she'll give it to you. 

I stored the number in my cell phone and I didn't really call her for a month and a half. But then, I was going through my cell numbers and when I saw her name, my ESP kicked in and something or somebody inside of me was telling me that I needed to call her. Now I have NEVER talked to this girl on the phone before this. The best that I did was leave a message with a family member. So I call her and ask her if she wants to come over to the OASIS and smoke some weed with me and chill out. She said that she can chill at her own crib and for me to bring the weed over to her house. Normally, I wouldn't take a girl up on her offer, but once again, something inside of me told me to go over there. I get there and meet her on the porch. She rolls up the weed that I brought into a blunt and we smoke it to the head right there on her front step. I then ask her some questions to get her background and then I start making the sales pitch, trying to get her naked.

I wish that I could write a guide on the game that I kick to these girls. It's just so complicated that I don't even think that it can be even written down. It's almost like selling a car or anything else. The basic rule of selling is to make sure to overcome all of the prospects objections. Then, you are to convince the prospect of the benefits of buying your product. Make sure that the benefits outweigh the risks and VOILA!! You have a sold customer. This girl just happened to need a quick $100 to buy some books for school. (she's a college girl). Now I normally don't pay a girl $100 to get naked but I have done it before. Besides, I'm going to make money off of her phat ass for years to come. What's a measly 100 to a big ballin nigga like me? I said it was cool and we got in my car to drive back to the OASIS. I pealed off two crisp $50 bills and handed it to her and then demanded that she get naked. I got the usual pussy and asshole shots and got the camera all up in that coochie. She didn't want her drug dealing boyfriend to see her face on the internet. But y'all know that the paying members will see everything. Fuck that! When you buy a membership to Black Vagina Finder, I'm going to give you ALL of the bitch! Once she takes pictures with me, I own her body for life. Just another hoe added to my ever growing stable of hoes. You can't stop me now! Getting pussy naked is so easy these days..It just goes on and on. There are more and more hoes out there just waiting for me to exploit them. What I'm doing now on the internet is similar to a muthafucka striking oil in the middle some swampland that nobody wants and the oil keeps gushing out forever! This shit is insane!! How can life be so fucking easy??

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