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I was able to find this girl in a very unique way. April is the sister of my babymomma's neighbor. I was over my babymomma's house and I saw April on the porch braiding her sisters hair (My babymomma and her neighbor shares the same porch). She had on some short pink shorts on and her legs and ass was all out there. I had noticed her immediately when I came to see my babymomma but I didn't really pay her much more attention. I had no plans of ever talking to this girl or anything. 

I told y'all that my babymomma was crazy before so she had just slipped into one of her drunken tirades and started acting evil. I would go get her something out of the kitchen that she asked for and when she got it, she would just throw it to the ground. We were all out on the porch and my babymomma was telling April and her sister about  how "no-good" I was and this and that. Now her sister knows that none of this shit is true because I ALWAYS handle my business. She just wanted to try to find something to talk about. And she keeps saying that "I don't want him, you can have him" bullshit. After another hour, she was completely flipped out and into her "crazy zone". Once she gets to this zone, there is no telling what she could do. And believe me, I've dealt with enough Police, Paramedics, and Firemen and it was DIRECTLY RELATED to some crazy shit that she was doing at the time. Hell, just yesterday, I got a call to come and get my kid because the paramedics were at the house talking to my babymomma. And what is fucked up is that I grew up with the Paramedic who was in the house. So that means that EVEN MORE of my fucking business is going to be spread around about how crazy and deranged this woman is.

So then, the last straw happens, my babymomma locks the fucking door on me and won't let me back in. I would have just left but my cell phone was still in there and I couldn't leave without it. So I'm knocking on the door and shit and she won't answer the door. So I'm in a bad situation because I need my phone. So while I'm yelling through the window to have her let me in, I feel a hand quickly rub my back from the top to the bottom and I hear April say "It's going to be okay". I'm still angry but when I felt her touch me, I knew in the back of my mind that the touch was meant to tell me something. Later, the girls tell me that she leaves her bathroom window open. So I take the chair around the side and slip into the window and damn near bust my ass doing it. My babymomma then runs out of the house with my child like I'm in there to beat her up or something. ALL THE FUCK THAT I WANTED WAS MY CELL PHONE! She keeps trying to make people believe that I'm violent towards her and by her constant lies, she only makes her own self look more stupid and crazy. 

My babymomma is now out in the yard at ONE O'CLOCK IN THE FUCKING MORNING yelling and being incoherent as she usually is when she flips out. She then starts blabbing my secret business loud as fuck outside and telling everybody my business. Then she thinks that she is fucking up my game by telling the girls in a drunken psychotic slur that I would pay them $100 to spread their legs for me. But she is so stupid that she didn't realize that she had just recruited a new model for me. So while she is running around the yard, April's sister tells me that my babymomma has now called the POLICE and that they are on their way and that I should be leaving quickly. Then when she isn't looking, April rubs my dick and tells me, "I'll pose for you". Now this is going on in the front yard with the police on their way. I say cool, pull out a business card and give it to her. 

I go driving around for a bit and April calls me. She told me that the house was now surrounded by cops because my babymomma tried to say that I was "breaking and entering". We then meet up over at her house on the other side of town and I bring her back to my house. As soon as we got there and got ready to start drinking and smoking, the cops knock on my door. Now it's after 2 am in the morning. I open the window (but not the door) and talk to the cops. They say that they basically can't do anything and all that they will do is file a report. I thanked the officers, went back upstairs to April, and pulled out the weed. We got our drink and smoke on and we had a good ass time talking and laughing. 

Finally I got the UPCLOSE PUSSY AND ASSHOLE SHOTS that I usually get. She had some stretchmarks on her stomach from the child she had but her titties are still beautiful and her ass is nice, phat, and round. I'll tell y'all one thing, this girls pussy is off the hook! And damn, can she jiggle that ass when she wants to! I'll definitely be seeing more of this girl over at my house. 

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