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For the past two something months, you saw content that I shot while I was back in Ohio...I shot that content at a motel that was hot as hell and under surveillance by everybody...You'll see the same bedspread and background on all of the updates....Y'all might remember the story about how I got stopped by the police my last night out of there and how one of the girls had a pipe on her and all of that shit...Well it turns out that they didn't take her to jail...They just wrote her a ticket and let her go...And after it was all said and done, the police told her why they stopped us...And the ONLY reason was that we were coming out of that motel...

So now I ran out of that content and had to fly back to the states and find me some more hoes...I was excited because there's nothing like the thrill of the hunt on the streets...That's where the excitement of all of this comes from...I don't care if I showed up to a whorehouse full of Dominican bitches (which I have more than once), I don't care if I can see a fine bitch and all I have to do is ask and pay the money and she comes with me...It takes away from the thrill of the HUNT...Sometimes I like to get cussed out...Sometimes I like to get the evil eye from a bitch after I holla at her on the streets...Sometimes I like to get ignored...But it takes a mix of everything, both acceptance and rejection, that makes it fun.....

So this time, I rented a room from a dude that I used to rent the "boudoir" from back in the day...I want to give a shoutout to C.P. who made it all happen...I had some privacy this time and it was a party damn near every night while I was there...I had hoes coming in and out of that spot like it was the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade....In fact, I shot enough content while I was back to last us until 2007 so y'all can just sit back, relax, and be assured of the continuous updates of ghetto black pussy here on . 

So this week's girl that I'll call, "Problems" was the very first woman I found...I'm going to stop giving the exact ages of these women because once women get older, they don't like to have their age known...So I'll just say that she's in her upper thirties...And if y'all like mature women, you're going to like the next couple months because I only shot one younger woman and she's 21...One more is in her upper thirties and the rest are in their 40's through 60's...But don't get it twisted, you're going be seeing some nice shit...older ladies are where it's at...They know exactly what they want and don't want to do. 

I found this woman within five minutes of getting the new spot set up....It was a lucky day because I found another girl right after I dropped her off....Anyway, we got to the spot and she was down for whatever...She had a nice personality and didn't give me any hassle...The thing is that she has so many fucking problems going on in her life right now, I don't want to add to them by letting every Tom, Dick, And Harry see her face on the main page...If you want to see it, you gotta pay...This week, you'll see the photos from her nice slim body with some perky tits...You'll see the upclose wide open pussy and asshole shots that I am famous for...And next week, you'll see her sucking on my dick so Click Here To Join to get started with all of the action.

After we got done with everything, she started telling me what she was going through and why she was out there on the streets....I won't elaborate but they're fucking her over in all kinds of ways with her job and her household and everything else...She almost started crying when she told me and said that she can't have everybody seeing who she is...So I assured her that i wouldn't let everybody see them, which is why her face is blurred out here on the main page...But I assure paying members that they will see everything...

I'll see y'all next week with her dick sucking sperm choking video.

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