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I found this woman on Easter Sunday. While my Parents and the rest of my family was in church praising the Lord, their Devilish son was out on the streets trying to find a piece of ass before church was finished. I had to do this because everybody in the city would be out on the streets after church and that last thing I needed was to have them see me with a crackhead in my car on Easter Sunday. And I have to drive right past the church that I grew up in so that I can get to the Budoir.

For all of you "older" and more "mature" women lovers, this one is for you. Her name is Golden Oldie and she is 42 YEARS OLD!! I couldn't believe how tight this woman's body was for her age. She has one child and her body is almost as nice as an 18 year old girl's! I found her out on the street when she was just coming out of the same crackhouse that I found "Boo Boo Buckwheat" of last week.

She is a nice girl so I was feeling generous and offered her $40.00 to get naked. As soon as we got back to the Budoir and she took her clothes off, I knew that this woman was worth much more than $40.00. She has a nice flat stomach, perky tits for her age, pretty legs, and a firm round BOOTY. She also had a Beautiful pussy. It was trimmed down to a small strip of hair and it had some grey hairs poking out in different parts of her pussyhair. The pussy also was very clean. If I had a condom with me, I probably would have slid my dick up in this hoe for real.

She was in a big hurry the whole time we were shooting because she needed to get home to her man for Easter Dinner. She said that she knows a lot of girls who will get naked for even $10.00 so I'll be showing y'all some of her friends real soon.

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