georgia cornbread

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Like I said last week, I don't really get into the really lightskinned women. I like my women dark and thick and cute as hell with pretty eyes. This week's girl, "Georgia Country Cornbread" is a perfect example of the kind of girl that I like. She's dark as hell, with a phat ass and she has some beautiful round luscious chocolate titties. Her pussy was nice and pink and smelled like a fresh bubblebath.

I was introduced to this girl by "Big Shae", the same girl who introduced me to  "Pill Poppin Penny" and "Project Patty". Cornbread is from a small town deep in Georgia and was only up here to visit some family for awhile. She needed some money to party with so Big Shae called me up. I went over to the projects to get her and I was very pleased with what I saw. I took her over to the Budoir and we did the usual smoke and drink thing and I popped in one of my homemade BVF porntapes to let her see what I was workin with. I can't remember much about what we talked about during this time since I shot this girl almost a month ago. Therefore, few details can be recalled. All I know is that we were high and drunk as hell. And after she saw my glorious chocolate penis on video, she was horny as hell too. I could see it in her eyes. I can't blame her for wanting to fuck me though. I'm just a smooth suave muthafucka. Of course she wouldn't be able to help herself if I decided to throw the charm on her :)

Anyway, we took the pictures, I got her asshole and cuntpussy wide open and upclose. Then, even though I am always striving to be the ultimate professional, I had to take a little sample for curiosity's sake. All I have to say about it is I SHO'  LOVE DEM SWEET GEORGIA PEACHES!!

She told me that I can come down to Georgia where she has plenty of girlfriends who are down with getting naked and doing the freak shit. You know I'll be giving her a call with the next 4-6 months to take her up on that offer of all that cheap phatbooty southern booty.

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