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I was on vacation so that's why I'm late with this update...Even a nigga like me needs to get away every once in awhile.  But never fear, Blackvaginafinder is still here giving you that ghetto black pussy like I have been doing since 2000...

Some of y'all might remember this girl, "Golden Tummy" from the website before...I shot some pictures of her once and I did a blowjob video with her another time.  So since she keeps calling me over and over again trying to make some money and I was horny for some fat pussy, I went over there to her apartment today and tapped me some of that big fat black ass....

As you can see, her stomach sticks out farther than any other girl that I've had on this website and she has so much ass and thighs and pussy fat meat around her vagina, that it's hard to get your dick all the way up into her hole. But what's good about girls with a lot of meat around the pussy, you can just stroke the pussy fat and still have a good time without even having to get all the way up in her hole.....Fucking her while she's on her back is damn near impossible because not only is she big, but she has one of those types of pussies that is closer to the asshole in the back than it is to the front. So that means that in order to fuck her good, you gotta either have a 12 inch dick (which I ain't got), or you gotta fuck her from the back and keep stroking and stroking until your penis eventually penetrates her pussy and then you can go to town and ride that big fat ass. 

I've fucked her before on camera but her pussy was feeling so good and I was so backed up with sperm, that I didn't last as long as I wanted to before I pulled out and busted a nut all over her big stomach....But like I said before, this is "reality porn" and whatever happens, happens and there isn't anything I can do about it....As soon as she put my dick in her mouth, it got instantly hard and it wasn't long before I told her to get doggystyle and get ready to get fucked...But once I got in the pussy, I couldn't stroke her too hard or I would have cum even earlier so I was just enjoying having my dick up in that wet pussy....And then she flexed her pussy on me and that REALLY almost made me cum.

All in All, it was still a good video so you should Click Here To Join to watch the video....Now I hope that the other two girls that I was planning on fucking calls me soon so I can put them up also...I love my job of being a professional pervert....Now I'm happy that I got me some fat pussy, and she's happy that she can now put some money on her cable bill to get it turned back on.

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