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"Ton-O-Titty-Tika" is a girl that I met on the Vibeline phone chat line around three years ago when she was 18 years old......She was a nymphomaniac back then and she still loves sex now that she's 21.....

Back when she was 18, she was fresh out the gate, eager to learn and had a willing wet pussy that could take the hardest beating you could give it...I don't care HOW HARD you fuck this girl, she can easily take it...She has a deep enough pussy and enough padding and ass wrapped around that pussy that is as strong as the walls of Ancient Troy....In fact when she was young, and liked to fuck so much, I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep up with her so we kind of lost steady contact for awhile...She would call me to talk sometimes and I would end up cussing her out from time to time for calling me at 3 in the morning...But in general, we always kept a cordial relationship....

Since I met her, she has had two well behaved children and she's comfortably living in her Mom's spacious home and living the easy life.....Before that, she did what a lot of young girls in the hood do and gets a government subsidized apartment...And the thing is that government housing is brand new. And if it isn't brand new, they're going to tear the shit down and rebuild it...The projects are police patrolled, safe, clean, and they don't even let niggas with criminal records live in them....And if you live in either government subsidized housing, or live in a house where your rent is paid for by the government, you had better not catch a charge while you're living in them or they'll kick your black or cracka ass out!...They're a model for what government housing should be for every city in America......The downside would be for anybody with a record or getting out of jail will be forced to live either in a raggedy slum OR move into a rooming house full time like the one I shot these girls at.....I used to live in rooming houses in both Ohio and in Washington, D.C. so I know the life well.....I remember being cold in the winter time and when I plugged a space heater in, it tripped the circuit breaker.

Anyway, back to Tika.......I used to visit her back when she lived in government housing and I shot some pics and a video of her back then...You can see a sample of that photoset of her titties here...And of her from a doggystyle position here....Her dick sucking style has gotten more refined over the years and members will be able to tell the difference between how she sucked it then and how she sucks it now. ...She happened to call me while I was down here in Puerto Rico just to see how I was doing and I told her that I was about to come to the states and I wanted to hook up with those titties and get me some of that sweet young chubby pussy...And I'm telling you, once she spreads those thick chocolate young legs open for a nigga, you're guaranteed to have you a good time fuckin. 

So once I got back to the states, I hit her up because I was still horny from not getting my dick sucked by last week's girl, "Smoothie"...I haven't seen the girl in awhile anyway and I wanted to see her again....I called her at her mothers house and asked her if she wanted to do another video and she was enthusiastic about it. ..The other thing I like about this girl is that her mother knows what's up and what she's about to go do and she's supportive of what a GROWN WOMAN chooses to do...As long as her daughter isn't getting hurt in any kind of way, she's cool with it......And to Tika's uncle who tried to clown her and make her feel guilty about being on the internet, well guess what?.....She doesn't give a damn about what the fuck you think Nigga! She's GROWN! Keep it moving. 

Click Here To Join to see this nice long blowjob video with all the sounds of slurping and spit like I know you like it!...Enjoy as I release my load into her mouth and she lets it ooze out of her mouth.....This website is a site built around and for people who like hunting girls in the ghetto and getting their nut off...This is some hard core ghetto black pornography going on in this muthafucka...Yes, I like to take nude photos also for myself and other porn picture collectors who like to look at some black pussy...But when it comes to getting my nut off, I like to have video just as much as I like to have pictures...This is why I do both...

I'll see y'all next week with a nice lean 37 year old black pussy...The fun never stops here at blackvaginafinder....And I want to give out a shoutout to Elliot in New York that I know from back in my Howard University days. 

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