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I would have put this video up sooner but unfortunately, I left my laptop cord in a hotel in Wisconsin and they had to mail it to me so that I could turn my computer on.  Anyway, y'all have seen pictures of this girl "Olivia" before. I shot her two years ago when she was pregnant and I shot her a few months ago to show what she looked like after a couple of years. But now she has finally agreed to do a blowjob video...Too bad she didn't know how to suck a dick the way I like it. But I did put my penis in her mouth and I busted a nut so this video is still worthy of a good masturbation session.

Olivia called me one day and said that she needed to make some money. I knew that she said that she didn't suck dick so that's why I didn't call her back to do anything. But she was so insistent this time that she was even willing to try giving me some head. I went to get her and brought her back and gave her the necessary intoxicants that she needed to get loose...I don't know what's up with this girl but she always looks sleepy. She could be loud and rowdy and talking big shit but those eyes make it seem like she never gives a fuck about anything.

Out of all of the men that she's had in her life, she has never had to suck any of their dicks. That's why she never bothered to really learn how to do it right. I'm surprised that her men tolerated the fact that their woman wouldn't suck on their cocks. Any woman I'm around knows that she must slob the knob or the sex is a no-go. I'll give the girl some sex without her sucking me off every once in awhile but if a girl wants the REAL dick stroking, she has to take my dick in her mouth while she looks up at me.

But THIS girl.....This girl couldn't really even stand the taste and texture of the pre-cum...I shit you not that the girl almost threw up in my living room....She has to get over that shit and let the nut slide down her throat like a good girl should do. So since she was so inadequate in sucking my dick after awhile, I let her play with my balls while I jacked off and nutted on her tits....At first the girl wanted to cancel the whole video altogether but I told her that if she wanted to get paid, she might as well go through it and she did like a real soldier. But I'll bet that she won't do it again. But so what? It's on video and we'll be able to enjoy this for life. Don't you love video?

So Click Here To Join to see this full screen television quality video and to see all of the other videos and pictures that I have shot....And I have a waiting list of girls lined up to suck this dick of mine so stay tuned because this is going to be a fun summer. I might even shoot a scene tonight. My ballsac is full and I masturbated all last night but didn't cum. I just massaged the balls so now i'm SWOLE. I'm ready to bust it on this 18 year old girl's face that wants to suck me off tonight....

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