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Y'all might remember this girl named "Golden Tummy" from awhile back. I've taken some pictures and I had another blowjob scene with her that got messed up because my mama called me during the scene and I had to cut my scene short. Plus, Golden Tummy wasn't sucking the dick like I really wanted her to suck it. This girl's sucking style is to take the head into her mouth and quickly move the head in and out of her mouth. She didn't like to put the whole dick in her mouth. Well, I was sitting here horny last night while getting high and watching some porn videos and masturbating myself. She happened to call me and she said that she needed some money to go to court tomorrow to pay on a traffic ticket.

The girl has been calling me every week since I have done the last video with her begging me to make some money. She said she had to buy food, toilet paper, pay rent, electricity bills, etc. etc....but I always put her off because I shot a video of her already and I wanted to wait a little while before I shot another video with her. But since I happened to be horny last night and she happened to call me, and I happened to have some money in my pocket, and I happened to need another video to put up in the members area (to keep customers), everything fell into line for her and last night just happened to be her lucky night. When she called me to ask to do a video, I was in the middle of masturbating and I told her that I would love to have her mouth and tongue right now and that I would come over later on.

This girl is about to get married (so she says) but the man who she is engaged to is currently living in a halfway house, which is a gateway place for people between prison and society. Why she is engaged to this nigga, I don't know. Why she would want a broke sorry ass muthafucka straight of prison baffles me. I see that she's fat and all of that. But she has her own place and a cute face. She may be lonely but she doesn't have to lower herself to accepting marriage proposals from negroes who are behind bars. I've never been to prison (yet) but I've been to boot camp and when a man is isolated from everything he knows and is separated from women, a whole lot of thoughts runs through a man's mind. Simple shit like laying in the bed with your woman smoking a blunt and watching tv becomes a FANTASY when you're on lock down. So I know that this man proposed to the first lonely woman who would be willing to take him in to her apartment after he fully gets out of prison. It's so sad. You know damn well that the man just wants a place to stay but since the beginning of time, women constantly fall for the okey doke because they are lonely.....The first time I met this girl on the phone chatline, she said that she was really gay and she was still recovering from a relationship with a woman over two years previously. Now she says she's engaged...I told her that she said that she was gay before so how in the hell is she engaged to a man now and she acted like she never remembered telling me anything like that. I told her that she told me that shit right to my face while I was sitting in HER living room and she was acting like she wanted to cry and all of that. She said, "I was just probably bullshittin"....What the hell?

So since this woman wants to be so weak minded and since she is so interested in making fast cash, I figured that I might as well go over to her apartment and use her for my own pleasure. The last blowjob scene, she got off easy because I was laying down and I didn't get to cum in her face or in her mouth. I didn't make that mistake this time. Also the last time, I let her suck my dick the way SHE wanted to suck my dick. This time, I made her suck it the way I wanted her to suck it. I made her deepthroat that shit. Plus I didn't let her get away with just lightly licking my balls. I made her take those balls in her mouth and suck them tight like I like it while running her tongue along the underside of my balls....She needs some practice but I made a good video. I hope her future husband will teach her the ropes of sucking dick. But I will have no problem sliding my penis in his wife's mouth and making her use that tongue the way I want.

Then I made sure that I stood up this time while she got in the perfect position lying on the bed to catch my sperm in her mouth....Before I did the oral/cumshot videos and just did photos, I used to wonder how people would get random women to allow a man to drip his sperm in a girl's mouth...ESPECIALLY on video. But now that I do it, I realize that it's pretty easy. As long as you are willing to be aggressive in your use of a female, she will most likely let you do whatever you want to do. So if you decide that you want to bust a nut in the girl's mouth, or in her face, more than likely, she will allow you to do it if you're bold enough to make her do what you wish of her. .So since I knew that this was just a business transaction, nothing more, I figured that I would use her to get my money's worth. She doesn't have any kind of fondness for me. She doesn't give a damn about me. If I got hit by a truck tomorrow and died, this girl wouldn't lose a second of sleep about it....All she wanted was the money so that she wouldn't get put in jail for not paying on her traffic ticket. And all I wanted was to bust a nut and make a good video so that y'all will pay to watch it. So after some good dick and ball sucking, I finally propped her head up to take my sperm in her mouth. I oozed some nice thick creamy jello nut right into her mouth and you can see it running down the side of her face...As soon as I was done, I wiped up and started putting my clothes on and packed up my camera...While she was in the bathroom gargling and brushing her teeth to clean out my load of sperm in her mouth, I pulled out a crisp $50 bill and laid it on the mantle...She came out of the bathroom just as I was about to leave..I pointed to the $50 and said that I was about to go. She gave me a hearty "Thanks!" and I walked out of her front door without even looking back.

It was one in the morning, my ball sac had been drained, I was drinking and smoking all night, and all I wanted to do was go home and go to sleep....I had no desire to hang around her apartment and conduct small talk with her. I had no desire to even act like I really gave a damn about any of the problems in her life. I had no desire to hear about who her new ex-convict future husband. I just don't care. As long as she uses her mouth the way I like it, that's all that really matters....So Click Here To Join to see this video of how I make a female suck my dick the way I command her to do it.....

I love my life

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