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Take a look at this girl's face. Doesn't she remind you of the comedian, Eddie Griffin? To me, she looks just like him. All you gotta do is add facial hair and that big floppy hat that he always wears. And to top it off, the woman is almost as funny as Eddie Griffin is himself! She's 39 years old and she had me laughing hard as hell as soon as she got in the car. I think Eddie Griffin's daddy has an illegitimate child running around here. The main thing that she was upset about was that she just finished leaving one of her clients. The client spent the money on the dope, the liquor, and the place to fuck. Since he paid for all of that, he didn't think that he had to pay her for her services. She was offended that he whipped out his dick and expected her to suck it without giving her any money. She told him that the dope and the liquor was fine but the dick sucking still ain't free. She was saying to me, "I might need to get something to eat, I might need to buy some soap to wash my ass, I may need to spend it on cigarettes, let ME decide what I'm going to spend my money on."

She said that if somebody called her a "prostitute", she would say Thank You. She said that being a prostitute is cool because it's a profession and she gets paid for what she does. What she has a problem with you calling her is a "Hoe". She says that a hoe is some stupid bitch who will let anybody do anything to them and isn't getting any money or other benefits out of the relationship. Members will see her explaining all of that in her videoclip.

And even though she's a crackhead, she's a "responsible" one. She makes sure that her kids have been fed, their homework has been done, and they have been put to bed BEFORE she hits the streets to sell her ass. Ain't that a good mom for ya?

I got her little ugly ass bent over so that all of y'all can see the upclose pussy and asshole shots. She had a little bit of doo-doo in her asshole but I'm sure that y'all won't mind. It's not like y'all had to smell it. I did and believe me, it wasn't pleasant. Her pussy looked pretty good though. If I was a hard up, broke, old man, I wouldn't mind sliding my dick up in that twat.

What boggles my mind is that she has a REGULAR CLIENTELE of old lonely black men who pay her $300-$400 for a few hours with her. They can't spend the whole night with her because she isn't having some old nigga sleeping over her house when she has her kids upstairs sleeping. She won't even let a nigga use the bathroom in her house if her kids are there. He either has to take a piss outside or if he wants to shit, he has to go to the nearby gas station.

I'm thinking that these old ass niggas got to be out of their mind. Who in the right fucking mind would pay this hoe 400 dollars for some ass? If I EVER become hard up where I would pay this little black gremlin 400 for some sex, take a pistol, put it to my temple, and pull the fucking trigger. Cause life would be over as I know it anyway.

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