"Easy Going Evette"

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This week, I was low on funds so I had to go out on the streets to find some ass. I wasn't looking to spend more than $40 for some pictures and a blowjob video...It was a cold day but that doesn't stop most girls from hitting the streets...I saw two of my models on the streets...One was named "Snow Whitey", a very light skinned big titty hoe...But she didn't turn me on that day so I kept driving...Then I found another of my old models named "Nothing But Nipples", a slim older lady with little tits and a nice round booty...I knew that she sucked dick good years ago after I took pictures of her so I got her in the car and asked her if she remembered me and she did...I asked if she wanted to go to the house but she said that she didn't feel like doing any pictures today...So I had to drop her off around the corner and I kept looking.

Then I saw a high yellow skinny bug eyed spaced out looking crackhead walking around...And she was the ONLY hoe walking out on the stroll...Everybody else was gone..In fact, there weren't any hoes on my side of town at all.........Instead of giving up, I decide to try another side of town...I knew that on that side of town, if there weren't any hoes outside, there weren't any hoes ANYWHERE....

I get to that side and I look around and the streets are looking just as bare on that side of town....It must have been "arrest a nigga" day because there were cops all over the place....When there's a lot of cops out, the dopeboys stay inside...and if they stay inside, there's less hoes out there buying dope off of them...

So I took my last turn and was about to give up...And as always, as soon as I give up is when I find a girl....I was driving down the last street before I turned on the main street to go back home and I saw "Easy Going Eva" standing on her porch....I blew my horn and waved at her and she waved back...I then turned around and pulled up in her driveway to holla at her...After we exchanged niceties, I asked her if she wanted to come to my house and get naked for some pictures and video...She asked me how much and I offered her $30 for the pictures and another $30 for a blowjob..She said that she was cool with that and got in the car with me.

We got to my house and after a couple of drinks and some weed, we were ready to get down....Like I said before, it was cold outside and she had on a long skirt with some sweatpants under the skirt. Even though her clothes were loose, I could still tell that this woman had a nice body up under it...So when she took her clothes off and I saw that lean body with that sexy ass, I knew that I was in for a treat...Her titties are little but that seems to turn y'all on the MOST is a woman with some little titties so here she is....Click Here To Join to see the upclose pussy and ass pictures....And I'll get to editing this blowjob video from her and have that up for y'all in a few...You're gonna love that too.

So I'll see y'all next time with a hot cum drinking blowjob video from this girl.....And be sure to check out my podcast at MrNoGood.com . AWhere I talk about my trip to the Caribbean and some other interesting things. 

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