Easter Crack Bunny

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Since it is Easter Sunday, I thought that I'd give y'all this woman called "Easter Crack Bunny"...She was brought to me by a friend of last week's girl, "20 dolla holla".....Crack Bunny is 43 years old and after all of these years, she JUST started smoking crack...Why in the fuck would a 43 year old woman start smoking crack?...I asked her how she ended up smoking so late and her friend "holla" told me that Crack Bunny was getting her ass beat by her man at home and that there were some other family pressures on her that drove her to smoking crack....Too Bad.

I like my women darker than this woman but I'll still mess with a woman who is her color if she has a good personality and she's sexy...This woman had a decent personality but there is NO WAY IN FUCKING HELL that I would ever let this woman do anything with me besides taking pictures. I'm not interested in having her suck my dick on video...

I have realized that in order for you to be a successful crackhead, you have to learn the ways of the crackhead lifestyle...You have to learn how to talk fast, answer somebody with some quick witted bullshit, watch your money and possessions at all times, etc....It was clear that this woman wasn't an experienced crackhead...She just didn't know how to move the right way. It's hard to explain it in writing but if you were there you would know what I'm talking about....

When I was taking the upclose pussy and asshole shots, I noticed a red spot on one of the lips of her pussy..It wasn't a bump..It wasn't a sore...but it was something like an "abrasion". All I know is that I saw a red spot on her pussylip and I was like EWWWWWWW! I know for a fact that men have been running up in this woman left and right and leaving all kinds of diseases inside of her pussy...I wouldn't fuck this woman even with a condom on...But she must be doing something right because they had a date with some man after they made their money with me...With women like this, a "date" is nothing more than them going over a man's house, getting high, and fuckin the dude or suckin his dick..

After I finished taking the pictures of her, I gave the woman her $20 and I gave the other woman $10 for bringing her to me...This woman seemed to be so spaced out that she didn't even know that half of her titty was hanging out of the bottom of her bra when she put it on......The other woman "holla" had to adjust her tit for her....Then she had to instruct the woman on how she shouldn't let her money lie all over the place...I gave the woman the money and she let it just lay on the table while she put her clothes on and "holla" told her that she is supposed to collect and watch her money FIRST...She instructed her at my house because she knew that I wasn't going to take the woman's money and it was just a good time to get some sense into her head while the woman was in a friendly environment...."Holla" knew that the women would be in a lot of situations that were less friendly than the one that they were in now with me....

The 43 year old newly formed crackhead just nodded her head like she was the student and "holla" was the college professor...I hope the woman gets her shit together soon because she's clueless right now...It's a shame to see a woman do some shit like this because of her relationship with a man....I'm not going to even blame the man because a woman should be strong enough to take over her own situation and I REFUSE to blame a man for a woman's actions...Women need to quit bitching so much and take control of their own lives instead of letting these good-for-nothing niggas fuck up their lives..

Just Click Here To Join to get all of the pussy and asshole action and I'll see y'all next week with another blowjob video...My kids are here for Spring Break this week so I purposely shot enough pictures and video to last me through their visit. I ain't about to deal with these bitches in the hood when I can be spending my time with my children and no other man should do it either....Bitches come and go but your children are your investment and I invest HEAVILY in mine. 

See ya next week with the video. 

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