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This website and my job as a pornographer is getting more and more exposure in my local community amongst the niggas in the hood. I'm becoming the "Playboy Of The Ghetto", where a girl sees a friend of hers naked and hears all of the comments from the dudes on the streets that have seen her naked on the internet and then they want to get themselves on this website themselves so that the dudes will say the same thing about them...Plus I always get referrals from other girls who want their friends to get naked for me.

This week's girl, "Doochie Love" is the sister of another girl who has posed on this website and who is now a close friend of mine, "Lonnie-Luscious"...And yes, they are "real" sisters.  One day, my homegirl Luscious told me about her sister who would be willing to pose naked for me. I've met her sister twice before and the first time I saw Doochie was when Luscious took me over to one of her cousins' house to smoke. This was over four months ago and I had just met Luscious so I didn't really know her all that well yet....Her sister Doochie just happened to be over there and at the time, she had her hairstyle nice and she had on some TIGHT jeans. I like slim nice booty girls but I like my women BLACK like Luscious and since I was at the house with Luscious, there was no reason for me to be looking at other females that were in the house. 

But I remember Doochie standing up and I can't remember exactly what the situation was but I think she either had to go to the front door or had to adjust the window shade or whatever the fuck she was doing. All I remember is that I caught a glimse of her ass in those tight jeans...I'm a professional so I don't have to look at an ass long to get a full perspective of what it looks like. I can look at an ass like I'm snapping a picture. I can look at it for a split second....maybe a little bit slower than the flash of a camera and then I can turn away and have a full shot of what the ass looked like in my mind...And since this girl is petite and small tittied, her ass REALLY sticks out when she has some tight jeans on....

Luscious was sitting next to me so I just took a snapshot of Doochie's ass in my mind and looked away and then I started to process the information in my mind and I said to myself, "Gotdamn that little chick got some ass on her!"  I didn't think anything else about her as I see asses everywhere all the time..

The second time I saw her, she was having a get together at her house. She was in the kitchen frying some chicken and Luscious brought me over there to hang out one night. There were a bunch of niggas over there drinking and smoking and they had a lot of girls from the neighborhood over there. The girls spent most of their time in the kitchen or the back bedroom laughing loud as shit every 30 seconds and the niggas was out in the living room looking stupid watching her brother play X-Box..So basically, it was really a get-together for Doochie's female friends and family and us niggas were just dragged along and dumped in the living room while all of the food, liquor, and smoke was being consumed by the girls....But it was still cool and I'm glad I went...Luscious ended up getting sick so we had to leave. And I didn't even get one piece of fried chicken that Doochie cooked! What kind of shit is that?

So later on, Luscious told me about how her sister would get naked on film and I turned her down because I thought that it was kind of weird for me to be palming her sisters ass on camera..But Luscious didn't have a problem with it...I thought that it was a setup or something since I didn't know her really well at the time so I just said that I wouldn't do it.  But then, another girl who has been on this site a few times gave me a call and said that she had a girl for me and put her on the phone. What a fucking coincidence! It was Doochie....And since I was being referred to her from another girl instead of her sister, Luscious, I just said "fuck it" and set up a date to take this girls pictures.

These pictures were taken at her house and this is the bedroom where all of the girls were having the fun while we sat out in the living room like assholes. I'm telling y'all that even though I was happy to see this girls ass naked and I was able to get some good squeezes, it was HOT AS HELL in that apartment and I was dripping sweat while I was taking these pictures...It was so hot up in that bitch that after we finished the pictures and I paid her, I ended up taking her to Family Dollar so that she could buy a fan...All you gotta do is stick the back of that fan in a window and turn it on and let it suck some air in from outside. It's better than nothing. So now when you go into her apartment and see that fan, it can remind you of me because I like to give back to the black community!  I'm not lying either. I've actually created "jobs" in the black community. How many of y'all niggas out there can say that? Over the years, I've spent THOUSANDS of dollars on these girls. How many electric and phone bills have I paid? How many sacks of weed have been bought from the local African-American weed sellers because of money that I have paid to these girls? How many sacks of crack cocaine have been bought from the local Negro dope sellers from girls that I have paid to get naked? And don't tell me I'm bullshitting because I've dropped girls off on the corner after I'm done with them and have seen them RUN to the dope man who happened to be standing around nearby....I really feel good about all of the good that I've done for the neighborhood...**seriously** .......Just like how George Bush's Anti-Kerry commercials are saying right now with their new slogan, "Pessimism never created a job"....You're Gotdamn right!

Luscious already knew about me taking these pictures so I don't have deal with any drama over this. It's all business. I will admit that Doochie's ass feels nice and jiggly just like her sisters. Both of them have a nice bottom ass hump that you can squeeze on to...And as you can see that big breasts don't run in their bloodline but that ass hump does!  So whip out your credit care and Click Here To Join to see this wide pink pussy and phat ass on a slim female...I'm glad that I was able to finally see this ass naked and get paid for it at the same time. How many people get to feel on their homegirl's sisters' bare naked ass and get away with it?

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