Della Douche

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This weekend, the energy forces of  pimpin and hoein were workin against me. I couldn't find any of my hoes anywhere in the city.  Nobody was calling me on the cellphone. I was tired as hell but knew I had to hit the streets to scrape up more pussy. There was nobody in the nightclub when I got there. Niggas kept bumping into me all night. I wasn't pulling no hoes in the club and didn't get to dance with anybody or get any phone numbers. Shit was just AWFUL. There was cops all in the neighborhood having some kind of sweep so it was hot ta death and I didn't feel like getting my car searched. (which is why I get high BEFORE I leave the house).

I'm working 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week at my job right now so I don't have much time to chase hoes these days. And I knew that my public would murder me if I didn't bring y'all some fresh pussy for this week. I picked up two girls who turned me down, so I had to drop their asses off. Since my hunting grounds were swarming with cops, I couldn't stay there. So I was like "Please Lord, I need to find some pussy fast!!" "HELP ME!!"

I drove out of my hunting grounds and my last chance was maybe finding a piece of ass up by the cornerstore near my house. The Lord answered my prayers when I saw "Della Douche" walking up the sidewalk, right around the corner from my house. I swooped in on her in my hooptie like a chariot and sscooped my little hoodrat angel up and took her straight to the "Budoir". On the way to my place, I asked her the usual questions (name, age, where your man at?...etc.)...Then I gave her the sales pitch (Show me your asshole for $20). Della is 41 years old and has a tight fuckin body and a cute face. Too bad she didn't really want to show her face. She also smelled good. The perfume was obviously cheap but at least she ain't smell like ass/beer/cigarettes/funk like most of these hoes.

Della told me that she was coming off of her period so she wanted to douche her pussy first. So she took out a full bottle of premade douche out of her purse and went to the bathroom and rinsed her pussy out. When we took the pictures and I smelled her pussy, it smelled like fresh spring morning dewdrops. Her pussy was healthy and pink and her body was tight. I would seriously consider slappin on a condom and slidin my dick up in this hoe. However, I reserve my shit for them young lost 18 year old high school tendas :) 

I bent her over, got the asshole, spread her legs and got the pussy, and all of the usual shit. I'm definitely going to have to pick this hoe up again and let her give me a blowjob if my nutsack gets swole up and I need a "release".

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