"Delilah Young Hoodrat"

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I apologize for the delay in the update but I had to go out of town on a family emergency...However, while I was handling that emergency, I was able to get me some sweet young black ghetto pussy so I want to present to y'all, "Delilah".

I've known this girl for a long time...I initially met her while she was walking down the street one fall day and she had on some tight jeans and a tight white t-shirt on that showed her titties in her full glory...She was young then and much wilder...She had cornrows in her hair and the most ghetto attitude that you could imagine....But I've watched this girl grow up and over the years, she has softened her personality considerably and is more of a "man-pleaser" when it comes to sex. 

It just so happens that she moved to the same city that my kids now live in so I kept in touch with her and if I have time, I'll go smoke a blunt with her or something and shoot the shit...But this time, I needed to film an update for the website and since I was out of town, I didn't want to have to shoot something when I got back home...I just wanted to take the stuff out of the cameras and upload them as soon as I get back to the house..

So we went to a cheap looking motel in the hood and they tried to charge me 55 dollars for the shit and I told the man at the desk that I only needed the place for no more than four hours so he charged me 40....It was a dingy looking dump with bad lighting and a bed that sagged almost to the floor when you sat on it...I know that bed has seen DECADES of fucking in it's lifetime....The door was sealed with duct tape to stop the wind from blowing through the door and you had to lean up hard on the door just to get it to close all the way..

Before we got to the hotel, we stopped by the store and picked up some cheap champagne and some blunts...She was already drunk from the night before because she was up drinking all night and the alcohol hadn't worn off from then...So once she had some champagne and a puff on the blunt, she was all the way fucked up...What I like about this girl is that when she's drunk, the sex is OFF THE CHAIN with her....When she normally talks, she has a deep raspy ghetto voice but when you're fucking her, she has a real high pitched voice that turns me on like a muthafucka. 

Now here's the problem though....I don't know what kind of setting that I had my camera on and along with the bad lighting, the pictures didn't come out that good at all. Plus since she was drunk, she kept moving and that made a lot of the pics super blurry...So blurry that I had to throw a lot of the pictures out completely.....Then, even though I only planned to take pics of her that day, my dick got hard when she was naked so I decided to turn on the video camera and fuck her...But I didn't have my tripod to set the camera on so most of what you can see is a very upclose shot of my dick going up in her wet sweet pussy...And to top it all off, I didn't have my video camera battery charged properly and it eventually cut off on me. I saw that the camera was about to die so I hurried up and busted a nut on her ass...Like three seconds later, the camera cut off....But when I add the pictures to the video clip, it still turns out to be a decent update...Plus I'm going back out of town soon and I'll do better pics with her and get a blowjob video out of her and a fuck video also...I LOVE fucking this girl.

And members will see the pic of her gold teeth...She has them looking like vampire fangs and along with her supergirl tattoo right over her ass and the word "Bitch" tattoed on her neck, she makes the perfect ghetto hoodrat package for an evening of blissful entertainment. 

Click Here To Join to see the so-so pictures and short video clip of this girl...I'll be sure to get way more footage of her later...Also check out my audio talkshow blog at MrNoGood.com , where I talk about "Ghetto Toys" and "Why are women so tired?" and other subjects..

I'll see y'all next week with some more black pussy.

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