"Dagger" stabbed up white broad uses her wet mouth on my dick!

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Ok, I'm moved back to my hometown and somewhat settled in....So now I can be back out on the streets hunting for some more pussy.  The areas that used to be a strip with hookers on it are no longer valid as the neighborhoods have changed and the hoes have moved on to other areas...So what I had to do was find a message board that is dedicated to Johns letting other Johns know about where the girls are....I kept hearing a street mentioned on there so I looked it up on google maps....And the other day, I went straight for the spot and I wasn't on the street for 60 seconds and I just saw ONE girl out....But one girl is all I need in a day so I got her in the van....She tried to front on me about the price so I almost dropped her off...But once  woman sees me say, "ok, thanks", they change their tune real quick...Because they know that getting something is way better than getting nothing. 

We found a spot in a store parking lot and got down to business....When she took her clothes off, she had a band aid on her arm and one on her ass....I asked her what happened and she said that she was stabbed....I don't care as long as a woman's mouth works. And work it did....she got me off quickly as I was backed up with a bunch of thick sperm.....After we were done, she said that my money came right on time because she was about to start a 3 year bid in a west virginia prison. So as you're reading it, she's probably going through processing as we speak. Oh well....At least I got what I wanted before she left.

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