"Cuckoo" swallows more Man Milk

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When I go out into the streets to get my dick sucked, I'm doing it more for myself than I'm doing it for y'all.....So when I was out on the streets on this particular day, my balls were swole up and I really didn't give a shit whose mouth that I stuck my dick in...All I knew is that I needed a release...

I was driving and driving and I couldn't find any hoes anywhere....I did see a fat hoe that was on this site before hamed "Gordita" but I didn't feel like fucking with her that day...But when I saw Cuckoo, I blew my horn at her and got her to get in my van...But since it's been almost a year since I last saw this woman, I didn't even recognize her until she was already sitting in the vehicle...But by then, I was tired of driving around and I knew that Cuckoo could suck a HELLAFIED dick, plus she's a bonified cum drinker so you know that I'm not going to deprive a willing woman the privilege of drinking my milk...

We find a spot to park and she does what she does best....Just like last time, she sucks me dry and squeezes my dick until she can get every remaining drop of cum in her mouth and said "I want it all" before she gobbled up the last bit......She had me feeling so good, I felt bad that I didn't have any smaller bills to tip her with, so I scraped $2.00 in change out of the van so that she didn't have to break her $20 for bus fare...I would've given her more if I could've because she was worth EVERY penny!!!

After we were done, I dropped her off to her meeting with a belly full of my thick, vitamin enriched sperm and a big smile on her face....I love it when I make a woman's day....Plus, now that she's swallowed my milk, I'll always be a part of her...My sperm nourished her body and spirit and my cells soaked right into hers...Check the video and watch how giddy she got once she finished swallowing....

Click Here To Join to watch this video...The sound that she was making while her face was attached to my dick is good enough to make one cum just from hearing the sound....I'm not bullshittin....It's an AWESOME blowjob video..

I'll see y'all next week with a brand new petite small titty brownskinned bitch that I found out in the ghetto who will spread all of her black pussy for you, plus suck my dick.......You're going to like her.

Until Next Week,



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