"Crusty" & "Ghostface" Double Ugly Header

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Ok, I'm going to have to give you a double header today.....the first girl, "Crusty" is a new woman and the second girl, "Ghostface", is a girl that I shot a couple of years ago and most recently shot in the Summer of 2009......I would've had a blowjob video with Crusty but the video was so awful, there was no reason for me to show it to y'all.....The bitch just looked raggedy, and stank to high heaven, and didn't turn me on at all....And when she put her mouth on my dick, it stayed as soft as a marshmallow, despite the fact that my balls were full and needed a release....I don't know what it is but I'm starting to have a preference on who I pick up to suck my dick so no longer will I be able to just pick up the first girl I find......However, that might not be the problem because I picked up a woman before this one that I can't show at all because my still camera's battery was completely dead and I only got one good picture of her.....Plus when she sucked my dick, I couldn't get hard with her either....

For the past couple of weeks, I have been in a sexual slump and I haven't been able to get hard, so one day last week, I was in the weightroom and I did some deadlifts to work my lower back....For some reason, when my lower back is sore from deadlifts, the time it takes for the muscles to repair cause me to be horny and helps me get a good hard on.....So now I should be ok by the time the next update comes up....I at least hope so because I haven't shot it yet....

The second girl, "Ghostface", I shot before but back then, she was in a better mood and made sure to suck out and swallow every last drop of cum out of my dick......This time, she let me cum in her mouth, but she spit it into an empty Cheetos bag......She gave me a decent blowjob and I actually forgot that I even shot this video....It only came to my attention because I was searching the tape for another video that I was going to show to you....However, I saw this one and said fuck it....I might as well let y'all see this one. 

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