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I would like to introduce to y'all, this week's black pussy girl named "Crunchy Black"....As you can see, it's obvious why I call her that. She was introduced to me by her cousin, who is also on this website getting naked and sucking dick named "Ton-O-Titty Tika"....In fact, the girl called me from her house...Tika told me that her cousin wanted to get naked so I was like "cool" and after awhile, I went over there to the projects to take these shots.

When I met Crunchy, she was a little bit shy but before I got there, she was getting fucked up off of some E&J Brandy so when I got around there, she was ready to get naked, even though she didn't want her cousin Tika watching the photoshoot. Tika had to stay in the bathroom...Also when I get to the house, Crunchy answers the door and when I go upstairs, I see Tika in the bathroom with her shirt off and her titties HANGING....I was loving that shit...At first, I didn't think that I could get Crunchy to do a video because she said that she wasn't interested in doing a video and I respected that so I didn't push her.

Well wouldn't you believe that she's already calling me asking if she can do a video.  Just like with photos, she was hesitant at first, but after she made her money with me so easily PLUS had fun, by now, she's ready to do anything on video so I'll get her to you.....

The girl has some nice tits, even though they don't compare to her cousin Tika's but it's still all good. I was able to sneak in some licks on her titty during the photoshoot. I LOVE sucking on some titties.

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