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I was late with the update this week because I've been bunned up with my new 18 year old live-in girlfriend. I'll probably write about her on later on this week...I had some shots of one big titty girl that I've been meaning to put up but then "Creme Puss" called me and wanted to come over and get naked this past Saturday night.

This girl is now 20 years old but I met her on her 18th birthday. I used to mess with her younger sister named Kia back in the day who also has some monster melons and some good pussy but she's been in a relationship with some idiot Negro that's been whooping her ass all the time. He's beaten her, tried to drown her in the bathtub, tried to stab her, etc. but the girl kept going back to him...Her sister would still come and give me a little twat here and there when her man pissed her off but I'm not about to get in the middle of some grown ass man who is terrorizing some teenage girl. If she wants to be terrorized, let her. But I'm not going to waste my time on it....But even when I was fucking Kia, I still had a secret desire to fuck "Creme Puss" because I always thought that she was the sexier sister.  Back when she was 18, her body had just formed into womanhood and she was on point. I'll try to find an old picture of her...Her titties were milky, her ass was phat, and she wasn't fucking with those dumb niggas for too long.

I saw Creme Puss in the club on the same July 4th weekend that I saw a couple of other girls that you've seen on this site like "Toothpick Terri" and "Buffalo Rump"...We barely talked but I let her know that I wanted to know how her sister Kia was doing....I knew that Creme would then relay the message to Kia that I said hi to her and sure enough, I got a phone call a week later from Kia...We chit-chatted and I told her to give me a call sometime...Then Kia calls me and says that her boyfriend just got arrested for chasing her out of the house with a knife. I say to her "That's too bad" and did nothing else. I wasn't even trying to really see Kia because it wasn't worth it. Her mind has been completely brainwashed by that old nigga that's been fucking her since at the LATEST of 16 years old so for me to put my Captain Save-A-Hoe cape on and try to save her would have been pointless because I knew that she would be right back with him a couple of days later.....Then she called me sounding all sad and saying how she was stuck up the street and needed a ride home. I wasn't about to pack my kids up in the middle of the night and come save her from some situation that she didn't even need to be in so I told her no....I then thought to myself that I should try to fuck with her sister, Creme.

Since Kia isn't allowed to have her own cell phone and I can't call her over her man's house where she lives, I always had to call Creme on her cell phone to leave a message for Kia...So one day, I called Creme and asked her if she would like to pose for me. I told her what I would pay her and she said that she would think about it...I remember back when she was 18 and she REFUSED to even think about posing for me. But as usual, times change and they know that they can call good ole Leon when they want some money...

A week later, Creme calls me and asks if I still want to take some pictures of her. I say "of course" and we set up a time...It's very hard for me to keep up with a scheduled time because I don't know when my kids will be over my mama's house, which would give me time to shoot. So this past Saturday, Creme was ringing my phone off of the hook because she wanted to make some money...As soon as my mama came to get my kids, I called her and told her to come over. I still had my girlfriend at the house and she was in the kitchen cooking dinner....I just told my girlfriend that when the woman comes over that she was to stay out of the way and let me handle my business...

Then when Creme came over, it turns out that she knows my girlfriend. I would believe it since they both grew up in the same neighborhood....My girlfriend was very polite to her and then she went in the kitchen while I got Creme naked...I still liked her back when she was 18 a little better but she still has a nice thick chocolate body on her and she has some nice hanging tits on her. So if you're not a member, then Click Here To Join so that you can see the upclose pussy and asshole shots....And you'll love her titties. I even had to sneak a little titty suck in at the end of the shoot.  Creme said to me, "You've been waiting to do that haven't you?" and I had to admit that I had....I'm gonna see what kind of video action I can get her into doing. We'll see. 

Holla at ya later on this week with a nice video.  And be sure to check out my blog at 

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