Crackhead Chocolate

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Since I now have over 100 girls on this website, and I have made into one of the most popular black amateur pornography sites in all of the world, I thought that I would put up the woman who started it all for me. Her name is "Crackhead Chocolate". She is the woman who helped me realize my empire. I have never put her up on this website before. I used to run a popular Yahoo Club back in the day and she was my very first woman I picked up off of the street. I was a young poor secretary back then. Now, I can't even imagine going to an office every morning to work a job. 

Like I said last week, I met this woman while she was walking on Rhode Island Avenue in Washington, D.C. I picked her up and took her to the little room that I was renting for afterwork drink and smoke sessions. I wasn't too experienced with the camera back then but I had to learn somewhere. I can't even write much of a story about her because I shot her back in the year 2000. Therefore, my memories of what happened with her is foggy. All I know is that we had a good time posting pics of her in the Blackvoices chatroom back in the day. Man, those were the good old days when I would fuck off at work and hang in the chatroom all day looking at porn and chatting with girls on the internet. 

Before I put "Crackhead Chocolate" up in my Yahoo Club, there wasn't anybody who was in the black crackhead market. Back in 2000, everybody had a little bullshit website up trying to make some money off of their women. Once I put this woman up, I was ridiculed by damn near everybody on the internet. There used to be these women on the internet who called themselves "net models", some heifers who think because they have a website and that they get 100 hits a day to their little bullshit site, that all of a sudden they're a legitimate "model"....Can you believe some of those hoes   told me how I was giving black photographers a bad name? Then I had other people telling me that I was giving porn a bad name. I had people telling me that I was a shame to my race...All because I'm taking pics of a crackhead?!?!? It's amazing how any rapper like Jay-Z can diss hoes all day and when he shows up to a party, every chickenhead has burn marks on their knees from racing to suck his dick. I take a picture of a hoe and all of a sudden, I'm supposed to be going to Hell according to some people.

NOW we are here in the year 2003. There are only a few people left standing in the black amateur porn market right now. Even some of the black folks who are still here are struggling like a muthafucka. The porn market is tightening up so much that if you don't have a good clientele, you're as good as dead. I'm thankful to be one of the few black amateur websites left standing.......Websites with pretty hoes were going out of business.....And then the inevitable happened. People started copying me with websites like some white boy who started , Rick Powers weak copy of my shit, , and a real blatant copy of mine who tried to fool me into buying him out before his whole website went offline,

Now thanks to me, crackheads are more accepted these days. There are numerous websites who now claim to have crackhead hoes on their sites. Thanks to me, and this one woman, "Crackhead Chocolate", a revolution in amateur porn took place. If it wasn't for this woman right here, there would be no Black Vagina Finder today. She helped me prove that you can weave straw into gold with these crackhead hoes. People from all over the world have viewed these women. I've had people from right here in the Nation's Capital building viewing my hoes. That makes me feel good inside. My gospel is spreading across the world. 

So when you drive to and from work and you see those rusty dusty hoes walking up and down the streets, remember that they're people too. They just have more problems than the average person. They're still good people and nice people...Some of them are ignorant theiving muthafuckas, but in general, I've had good experiences with all of the street women that I've met.

I'll be back next week with a brand new hoe for y'all. Thanks to all of you for supporting me. We have shown the world that my motto rings true....IF SHE HAS A PUSSY, SHE'S QUALIFIED!

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