Cotton Candy Coochie

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When I find these different girls in the neighborhood and get them naked, afterwards, I always give them my business card and ask for referrals to other girls. Every girl that they refer to me, they get to have free smoke and drink before the shoot and they get a $20 referral fee. Getting girls naked is the same thing as being a lawyer, doctor, stockbroker, hairstylist, etc. etc... I always try to build my clientele by getting referrals. It makes your job a lot easier. If you meet one female that's broke as hell, chances are, she has plenty of girlfriends who are just as broke.

This is how I found "Miss Cotton Candy Coochie". I was referred to her by "Burger Flippin Bessie, the girl that I had up 3 weeks previously. Bessie called me and told me that she had somebody who wanted to pose. So I went over to Bessie's house with a little weed, my camera, and my winning smile :)  When I got to her house, she had two girls over there. One was Coochie and the other one was a 19 year old slim honie who happened to be 5 months pregnant. After we all got our smoke on, it was time to get these girls naked. I took Coochie back into Bessie's bedroom and closed the door. She was shy at first but I coaxed her out of her clothes. Getting a girl naked for the camera is almost like convincing a girl to get naked to fuck. You gotta sweettalk her. You gotta tell her how sexy she is no matter how many stretchmarks that she has. You gotta rub on her close (wear nice cologne), and say sweet nothings in her ear. If you know how to tell a female what she wants to hear, it's no problem getting her naked.

As y'all can see, Coochie is a big girl. However, AIN'T NOTHING WRONG WITH BIG GIRL PUSSY!! I personally love it. When she spread her pussy, it was one of the most beautiful pussies that I have seen in a long time. It could have just been the liquor and weed and the fact that I was already horny as hell, but I doubt it. It was was healthy and a rich shade of pink. It was the color of freshly spun cotton candy that you get at the amusement park. I kept commenting on her pussy while I was taking the other pictures. Then when I had her on the bed with her legs spread, I said, "I should just eat that pussy right now". She didn't say shit. So I got on my knees and buried my face right in that pussy! Her pussy smelled wonderful. And when a pussy smells "wonderful" to me, that means that it doesn't smell like anything at all. It smells like fresh country air. And her pussy was just how I like it. "ALL juice, NO cream"!!

I could have fucked her right there on Bessie's bed but unfortunately, I didn't have a condom. She asked me if I was fucking Bessie, and I said no. (not yet). She then said, "Can I call you to fuck you?". I said "But of Course My Dear!!"

Anyway, I got the usual upclose pussy and asshole shots. Believe me ladies and gentlemen, her pussy was LUSCIOUS!!. It had to be one of the best tasting pussies that I have ever had in my life and I ain't bullshittin. After the photoshoot, we went back into the living room and acted like nothing had happened. Then all four of us talked some more and then I convinced the pregnant 19 year old girl to pose. So it was back into the bedroom.

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