Cottage Cheese Connie

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I was lucky enough to find this woman on the phone chatline that I frequently use to recruit girls for the website and sometimes get me some quick easy sex. Since men have to pay to be on the line and women don't, there are a lot more women on the line then men. That means that the man is almost guaranteed to score if he calls during the primetime hours. I was chilling at home by myself because once again, my babymomma called the police on me for no fucking reason and had them escort me out of her house for the umpteenth time. She was mad because I told her to get her ass up out of the bed and help take care of the kid. I ain't about to spend all my time changing shitty diapers while she relaxes in the bed.  

This woman sent me a message and told me that she likes to do everything including sucking dick and licking balls. She described herself as 5'9" 190+ pounds. I thought she was bullshitting so I did a live request with her. I talked to her and sure enough, she was willing to come over and give me some good ass head. She didn't even ask for any money.  She just asked for $15 so that she "could pay her babysitter" once she got back home. I said cool. She lives in a popular low income housing project that I have gotten numerous girls out of for this website so I knew how to get to her place easy....

I brought her back and she didn't even really want to drink or smoke. She took a puff off of my blunt and in no time, she was asking me if she could show me her dick sucking skills. I was like whatever and pulled my pants down to my ankles. I was sitting on the couch and she was on her knees in front of me....Let me tell you, she sucked dick that night unlike I haven't experienced in a long time. I even had to take my leg out of one of my pantslegs so that I could spread my legs and give her better access to the balls. She still can't hold a candle to my babymomma when it comes to dicksucking but she still did a great job. She didn't rush me or anything. She just let me lay back, smoke my blunt, and enjoy the pleasure of her dick sucking skills. She had a tongue ring and normally that shit doesn't mean anything but this girl knew how to work it. She would let the ball of the tongue ring go between the slit of my dick while she sucked it. She also knew how to work it on my balls as she cradled my ballsac in her mouth. Woowee!! I was in Heaven!!

When I finally came, it was one of the strongest nuts I've busted in a few months. I busted at least six shots of cum straight down her throat. She made sure not to even waste a drop and she kept sucking for a minute to make sure that she got ALL of my sperm out of me.....After we got finished, I was woozy and lightheaded like a muthafucka. She only asked for 15 but I gave her 20 and congratulated her for a job well done. Since she was already naked, I asked her if she wanted to make some more money and pose for some pictures. She said no... 

But she did such a good job with that dicksucking, I had to keep her on the payroll for at least a bi-monthly dick drainage. I called her the next week for another suck session and this time, I did it over her apartment in the projects. While I was there, she told me that she was about to move the next day to the other side of town. She was tired of all those niggas fightin' and shootin' right on front of her apartment. I don't blame her. I wouldn't live with those niggas in that neighborhood to save my life. They straight Ig'nant....

The next day, I had to drop one of my kids off to a classmate's birthday party. Since I have a new baby also, I don't get much time to hunt anymore so I knew that I only had two hours to find me a piece of ass for this week....I wasn't having any luck finding any hoes outside and I didn't want to waste any time. Even though this woman told me that she DEFINITELY wouldn't pose for me, something told me to call her just one more time to ask her. I didn't even know if she would still be there since she said she was moving that day. But she picked up the phone and I asked her if she wanted to make a quick 50 but she had to take some pictures. 

The only reason that I was able to get her naked when I asked her again was because she didn't have enough money to rent a truck to move her shit out of there. She said that I called right on time and saved the day. I always feel good to be helping folks out in times of need...I was already in her neighborhood so I drove by her house and picked her up. My stepfather was up the street working on one of my neighbor's houses so I had to sneak the girl in the side door. Lord knows I didn't want him seeing me bringing her up in my crib. 

Once I got her in the crib and she got all the way naked, I was amazed at all the cottage cheese I saw. Even still, she has some phat ass titties, some good clean wet pink pussy, and sucks dick better than most. So she has a lot going for her. Of course I got the wide open pussy and asshole shots so if you're a member, please come on in and enjoy my artwork. 

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