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First thing I want to say is that I'm sorry about not updating for a minute....I've been in court numerous times, jail, the auto-repair shop, the computer repair shop, etc. and I STILL don't even have my car working yet. I've already spent $275 on it and the shit keeps cutting off on me...I'm PISSED...When you can't drive, you can't do a damn thing. You can't hunt for any new pussy, you can't drive your kids around, you can't do shit....Thank God I live walking distance from my child's school or I'd be up shit's creek.....Also, The white boy came through with my new computer to edit video!! It works like a charm...It wasn't even his fault...The motherboard he had ordered was faulty...He replaced that and I'm chillin...So Now it's time to go full scale into the video arena!! The movie I uploaded last week of Stankin Stephanie was too large and some people couldn't play it...I reduced the size by 75% and you still get TV like video quality. You will be able to enlarge the video to fit your full screen and it will still be nice and clear...That's how ALL of my videos are going to be.....When you want to jack off, you want a big clear picture...You don't want those bullshit videos where the shit gets blurry after you enlarge it do you?  And if you don't have a high speed connection, GET IT. You're missing out on a whole new world of the internet....

And for you members who don't have high speed internet connections, don't worry....I hope that my car will be fixed sometime this week and I'll be out hunting for some fresh new girls to take pictures of..... will become one of the most diverse black porn entertainment websites on the internet...(it is kind of already). 

Now this week's girl is an old friend of mine. You can see pictures of her in the members section under "Juicee XXX". ..This is some old video that I shot a couple of years ago in a short time hotel in Washington, D.C. If y'all don't know, D.C. is big for hookups on the internet. I used to go to pajama parties, hotel parties, bowling parties, cookouts, private house parties, all kinds of shit just from meeting people on the internet....This girl, Candee, is a long time player in the online swingers scene. She throws parties where men can meet freaky big black women who are willing to get down with the "git down".....It's been years so I can't even remember how exactly I met her but I know it was through some kind of internet party get together....I shot this video back before I even had a website. At first, I was going to try to sell VHS videos through my yahoo club....That shit bombed like a muthafucka...I sold like 5 videos...I mixed it up with some footage that I shot in Jamaica and I'll be having that up soon too......The tape also had some footage of me and my wife doing the dick/ball sucking, assfucking routine...This was back when she was down with the porn thing..But since we're getting a divorce, and I never got a release form signed, like I did with Candee, I can't even put the video up here on my site.....AIN'T THAT A BITCH!!! And it's some good shit too...Man, my soon to be ex-wife gets on my fucking nerves, but when it comes to dick and ball sucking, she's the MASTER!! She works those balls like a champ...That's the only thing I'm gonna miss about her......sad isn't it???

So now that I have a website, I might as well cut up the video and put it online....I know that Candee wouldn't want me having her butt naked on this main page with her face showing so I had to show a clothed picture....However, You're gonna see how she could work the dick inside the members area....And yes, she has some great ball sucking skills....Yeah she's a big girl, but she had some of the best, juiciest pussy I've had in a long time....I only had the pleasure of fucking her once...I have the video split up into three parts...This week is the first part where she works the dick and sucks the balls real swell...In a few days, I'll put up parts two and three where I titty fuck her, tap some of that sweet ass...and then have the grand finale where I cum between her big floppy titties.....Man it's some good shit...and it's TELEVISION QUALITY VIDEO!! Where you can enlarge it full screen and the shit ain't blurry. 

I'll always be serving the videos in .mpeg format...You should be able to play all of my videos with your average Windows Media Player software...If you can't, get at me and I'll give you some suggestions. 

Maybe soon I'll elaborate on how and why I spent time in the county last week....I probably won't....Just know this....I'm pleading Not Guilty...and when I cross examine that cop and catch him contradicting himself with my Johnny Cochran Like litigation skills, he's gonna never wish he never arrested this negro...I'm not some street nigga who's gonna lay down like the rest of my bretheren...I'm gonna use my superior mind to get my vengence and justice in a court of law....Traffic court already knows my skills...It's time to show somebody else....Just give me a jury....I'll even take a bench trial...I'm just gonna go up there and tell the truth....and the truth shall set me free...

And no this isn't any drug case or anything like's a don't think I'm some fool trying to defend myself on some federal shit...that would be insane.....

I'll see ya when I see ya.....

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Oh, and from now on, no more of those check signups! I'm sick of you frauding muthafuckas...IT'S OVER!! Get a credit card or wait for the coming soon option of charging it to your phone bill!!


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