Chinky Eyed Eyana

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Some of you who have been with me for a long time might remember a girl who I featured on this website last Thanksgiving. She was a big girl and her name was "Thanksgiving Hamhock". That's her in the background in the T-shirt. She used to be a professional shoplifter. She had a shoplifting warrant out on her at the time but I didn't mention it on here. She would go to stores and take all kinds of boots, dresses, pants, etc.., and that's how she paid her rent and her bills. Soon after I featured her, she got caught shoplifting in a store. She spent the next 11 months in prison for it. Needless to say, she has retired from the shoplifting profession. She just got out a week ago and she called me and wanted to hang out with me like the old days. I said it was cool but I needed to get a naked woman so I was about to hit the streets and find me a crackhead. I didn't have much money (due to a $750 registration fee paid to VISA for this website), so I had to find a 20 dollar crackhead for this week.

Hamhock said that she had a girl that would get naked for me so she called Eyana on three way and I told her that I could only spend 30 dollars plus all the liquor she could drink and a blunt of some good weed. She said cool so I went to pick both of them up. When we went to get chinky, we went to a side of town that I rarely go to. It's the HOOD and I don't know the niggas over there. Hamhock didn't tell me that the girl had a body like this. I didn't know what to expect when we went to get her. I was told that the girl was 26 years old but when they came out of the house, the way she was dressed, she looked like a teenager. I asked her again how old she was and she told me. She didn't bring her ID with her, so I made her go back in the house and get her ID so that I could ease my mind. Sure enough, she was 26, and she has THREE KIDS! Some women can pop out kid after kid and still have a nice tight body. She has a few stretchmarks on the front but it's nothing big. I'd fuck her in a heartbeat.

She has those sexy chinky eyes like I like. Her titties are also soft and beautiful with some nice nipples and they hang just right. Her ass is round and firm and her pussy is tiny, pink, and tight...I wouldn't have minded sucking her pussy right on the spot but I recently got a tooth pulled in the back of my mouth and I don't want any foreign bacteria wandering up in the tooth hole and making me sick like a muthafucka. I did break down and pop one of her titties in my mouth so that I could get a little taste. UMMMM UMMMM....I love sexy hoodrat titty in my mouth!!! If hamhock wasn't there, I might have ended up fucking her. There was just something about this girl that turned me on. It was her eyes, plus it was her sexy lips that have been darkened from frequent weed smoking. That's my kinda honie!  I'll have to admit that my dick was kinda hard during the whole photoshoot. I even went over her house to give her an extra 20 dollars a few days later for the hell of it. She was worth it. When I got in the house, of course there were three other niggas in there staring at me. She was in a little ghetto satin nightshirt and was sweeping the floor. You should have seen that ass wiggle while she was sweeping! I want to fuck this girl BADLY!! I might have to make a private fuck video with this honie in the future. She also introduced me to her sister who wants to get naked for me. She looks completely different from her sister though.

Of course, I got the wide open pussy and asshole shots. This girl is a keeper y'all. I just keep looking at that sample picture and I just keep saying DAMN! So I know that a lot of y'all are saying the same thing. You should join to check out her spread ass crack.

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