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I have landed a PRIZE CATCH this week! Y'all know how it's hard to get the sexy big girls to get naked because they're self conscious about their bodies. But since I have a super smooth silver tongue, once I put the game on them, it's over.

Charlie is a co-worker of mine. I would see her in the break room not saying much to anybody. Nobody at work talks bad about her. They just don't say much at all because they don't know her too well. I made sure to always speak to her by saying something like "Hey Beautiful", or "Wassup Sexy", my usual greeting for most females. She would give me a quick "hi" and walk by. So one day I came to her and told her what I did and gave her a business card. She surprised me and called me the next day and we started talking on the phone for awhile. I found out that she likes to freak but her boyfriend has her on lockdown. 

I met her at the "Budoir" after work one day to have some drinks and a little smoke. After we listened to some slow music and we talked for awhile, I had one of her HUGE titties out of her bra and in my mouth. Y'all know that I love the big girls so I whispered a few sweet nothings in her ear and the next thing you know, I had my dick all up in that pussy! It was some of the best, deepest, wettest pussy that I've had in awhile. Most big girls like this is hard to fuck from the back because there is so much flesh to get past, you need a superlong dick just go have enough left to fuck the pussy with. With this girl, it wasn't a problem at all. Her pussy is higher up than average so I could comfortably grab both ass cheeks and stroke away without even breaking a sweat. I wanted to stay up in that pussy all night because it felt like home. Y'all remember that movie, the Wiz? That song that Stephanie Mills was singing, "When I Think Of Home" was running through my mind when I was enjoying her.

After I gave her my customary "15 Minutes Of Pure Delight", I had my orgasm as scheduled. Once I hit 15 minutes, I don't give a fuck what is happening. It's time to end the session. If you can't please a woman in 15 minutes or less, either the chemistry between you and the female is wrong or you just can't fuck a girl right! But of course, my penis, "Mr. Magic" had Charlie in a Heavenly Daze after I was finished fucking her. Her heads were all up in the clouds and I know that she was thinking to herself, "GotDamn!!!....This Nigga Just Rocked My World!!"  So I took it apon myself to seize the opportunity to get some naked pictures of her. I told her, "Hey, you're already naked...Get naked for the camera and I'll give you $100.00 right now. I then pulled out five crisp twenty dollar bills out of my cash stuffed wallet and waved it at her. That's just fun money for a playa like me. 

We don't make all that much at my job and I know that a sista needed the extra cash. Her eyes got wide when she saw the money and she just gave a me a look that said "Fuck It...I might as well". I then spread out the wet juicy pussy and the luscious asshole right after I just finished fucking it. Great footage this week! But now she's blowing up my cell phone because she wants some more of this good dick that I gave her. She gotta wait in line. I can't spread myself out there fucking hoe after hoe. I'm flattered that they just want to give me pussy so easily but my nutsack can only produce so much sperm per week. 

We keep our relationship on the low at work. We don't speak to each other at work at all, unless we're using our cellphones. She said that she knows some girls so I'll be getting some of her friends naked real soon. One of them is going to do the dick sucking and all of that. Just stay tuned. The girls love me and I won't run out of pussy anytime soon.

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