Chapstick wets her lips on dick sauce

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Before I say anything else, I would like to make an announcement.....For all of those who have been asking me about "Bubblegum Pussy", well, I found her again and she'll be back up on this website soon.....Her footage is still in my camera and I have a gang of other girls to put up, but be assured that there is more of her to come...

As for Chapstick, there isn't anything memorable about her......Just a regular broad that I picked up and gave me a regular decent blowjob......I don't know why I didn't get any ass pictures of this woman....When I checked her pictures, all I saw was front shots and pussy shots......Oh well, ain't shit I can do about it now.....

She does have a nice pink wet pretty pussy and I got my camera all up inside her guts.....Ain't much more to say about this one.

So Click Here To Join to see the upclose pussy and the blowjob video......Also, for the next two weeks, I will be featuring two brand new big girls.....Both of them have big hanging titties and a big ass and spreading open their fat black pussy...And both of them sucked a good dick.

And to that Nigga who called my voicemail wanting to know if this is a "real" website.....Well if all of these sample videos, all of these pictures, all of the YEARS that I've been online, and a phone number that you can call, then what the fuck man?....

See y'all next week,


I found the ass pictures of "Chapstick" on my hard drive...Click on her if you haven't seen them.

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