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I mentioned to y'all last week that I was going out to a new nightclub to find some new girls for this website. Well, on my first try in this club, I found my first piece of ass out of the club. I am sure that there will be plenty more girls that I'll snatch out of this club in the future. I was on a dry spell as far as women were concerned for the past month but things are now looking up for Black Vagina Finder!

Like I said, I met this girl in a nightclub. I was leaving the bar with my drink and I passed this girl who was standing by the dance floor. Since I came from behind, I just lightly touched her around her waist as I walked by and said hello. She smiled back at me and I kept walking. She had on a tight black dress on and I could tell that she had a phat ass on her. But as I was walking away, I turned around and saw this girls ass from the side. I mean her ass was stuck WAY out there. I did an instant U-turn and stood back near the bar and directly behind her. Since I had my drink in my hand, I wasn't going to ask her to dance until I finished my drink, but she turned around and asked me if I wanted to dance. I sat my drink by this old man who was sitting at the bar and met her out on the dance floor. Now I haven't been able to dance lately since most of the places where I hang out have been recently closed to to drugs, tax evasion, etc. etc. So I came to the club that night ready to get my groove on. I'm telling y'all that this girl could move that ass right. Since I'm a damn good dancer once I'm drunk at the nightclub, y'all know that I was working this girls hips and rubbing my dick on her ass all within the rhythm of the music.

We danced a couple of songs and then I went back to get my drink and circulate around and pass out some business cards to as many hoes that would take it. I like having fun at the club but I'm there for business....and that's finding girls who are willing to get naked for If I get some pussy, or free weed, or whatever, fine...but I won't consider any conquest a success unless I have gotten her naked and making some money off of her. I didn't have much luck with anymore girls that night but as long as I snagged at least one bitch, the night was a success.

Anyway, we danced a little more and I rubbed my dick on her a little more..well, a LOT more, and then it was time to go home. For another half hour, I stood outside with all of those ignorant ass niggas who either didn't have the money to get in the club, or didn't meet the dress code. It wasn't productive, and then the cops came to break the shit up like they always do, and that was my cue to leave.

I called her a few days later and we started talking on the phone. Then last weekend, she called me and said that she wanted to come over. The problem is that she had her kids with her and if I didn't mind it, she wanted to bring her kids along. I asked her how many kids she had and she said SIX! I was kind of shocked but then she said she was kidding and that she only had 3 kids. She has two boys and a girl. That's a good way to lessen the shock when you're telling a nigga how many kids you have. Give them a high number to shock them and then once you give them the real number, they're almost relieved...That's some good psychology right there.

I do what I have to do when it comes to getting a girl naked so I agreed to come pick her up in the hood and bring her back to my house. I pick her up in the Ragtop Lincoln with the leather seats and her kids are all dazzled and shit. I then drive all of them back to my house and turn on the cartoon channel in the living room so that they will have something to watch while me and their mama was upstairs. Once we get to my den upstairs, we start talking and all of that good shit. We go into my bedroom so that she can get naked and take some pictures. I wasn't expecting to get any pussy from her since her kids were right downstairs, but once we got into the room, she started taking off her clothes and shit like I was supposed to fuck her. I wasn't really in the mood since I just got some ass the day before but since it was there, I said "what the hell", grabbed a condom and tapped that ass. I could barely even get hard since my nutsack was drained and I wasn't really horny. After I busted my nut, we then took the pictures that you will be seeing in the members area. Ain't nothing like some dark skinned sista with some juicy pink pussy. Well this is what she has.

After we were finished, her kids come upstairs and were talking about how hungry they were. One of the kids told me that they didn't have any milk or cereal at their house. They actually started crying and shit...I have a large variety of premium name-brand cereals for my child to eat and I keep a fresh gallon of milk in my refrigerator at all times. However, I'm not feeding any kids that aren't mine! That's when you're taking shit too far. These girls need to feed their kids BEFORE they bring them over my house. Don't bring those kids over there so that they can eyeball all of the shit that I have in my kitchen. I mean they were all up looking in my shit in awe. And then asking me if I would feed them. I ain't fathered damn near a one of them so of course the answer was no.

And they went home as hungry as they came.......

And you know damn well that as soon as I upload this update to the server tonight, that I'm about to get ready to go back to that same nightclub tonight! I need to make myself more comfortable so that I can pull even more bitches out of there. That will benefit both me and you. The drinks are cheap as hell for a nigga like me but still too expensive for those unemployed welfare gettin muthafuckas who populate this ghetto ass nightclub. So when I whip out my wallet, it's like Superman opening up his shirt. When the hoes see that wallet open, they just know that no matter what the problem, they're about to be saved!! But unlike Superman, my wallet isn't there to save the day for these hoes...They ain't getting a penny!!

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