Butta Butt

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I'm gonna have to apologize to y'all.....When this girl, "Butta Butt" , with that gorgeous black pussy, put her mouth on my dick, I could barely last but a few minutes before I busted a GOOD ASS nut....I guess taking that zinc every day is really working because I came a load..

I've been trying to hook up with Butta Butt ever since I took pictures of her some months ago. I knew that she gave good head because I've had it before but I never had it on video. So she finally contacted me and I hooked the shit up. I popped a Viagra and I was ready to go.....When I picked her up, she was drunk as hell. She was drinking my FAVORITE Malt Liquor, Colt 45.

I didn't know that this girl wasn't as much as a crackhead as she was an alcoholic. She used to be married to some white man so she gets spousal support. Ain't that a bitch? She suckered some white man into marrying her and now she gets a check for LIFE and all she does is run the streets, get drunk, and drink cum. NICE............

So once we get to the house, my Viagra had kicked in lovely and my dick was rock hard. I haven't had my knob slobbed in a couple of weeks so I think I was too excited. As soon as she slurped my dick in her mouth, I was ready to bust a nut...I tried my HARDEST to not bust but the shit just didn't work out....She said that she's a cum freak so I'll definitely have her sexy ass back for some more sucking and fucking on here...Plus she said that she knows a lot of fine hoes that would be interested also and that we can get some of this money together...Whatever!....Just bring me the hoes. 

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