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"ButtaButt" Gets Fucked!

This girl "Butta Butt" is starting to become one of my main sluts that I use for entertainment. She calls me at least every other week just to see if she can come over my house, get high, and fuck me.....A few weeks ago, she came over and after we got fucked up, we had a good fuck session. However, I didn't have my tripod setup so the whole moment was wasted..

So when she called me this time, I made sure to have the shit setup before I left.  I just bought another used vehicle and this time it's a Jeep so I was pretty confident about driving it around at night but this girl must be bad luck because after running like a champ all day long, as soon as I hop in my car to go get her, the radiator starts leaking something terrible....I assume that it's just the overflow tank because I had just gotten the radiator flushed earlier that day and they said that it was leaking...But this time it sounded like it was leaking way too much....So when I first get to the spot where she told me to pick her up, (some gas station), we then had to go to the place where she could buy a crack rock....While I'm waiting for her, there is smoke coming all out of the hood and I heard steady leaking...After waiting almost five minutes, she came back and said that they didn't have any left so I went to the drug store to buy a new videotape for my camera....When I come out of the store, some cute girl is driving off and Butta Butt was getting back in the car. It turns out that Butta was able to call one of her dealers and she got drive up delivery service right to the parking lot of Walgreens. Ain't that a Bitch? 

So by the time I start the Jeep back up and try to get home, the engine is getting hot as a muthafucka and I was a ways from home. There was no way I could allow my car to stop while I'm downtown in the middle of the night and all of the delinquents are out roaming about.....The car stops on me once so I race home and get to the driveway and come out of the jeep into a cloud of smoke....So at least I made it home...I told Butta that I wasn't going to be able to take her back home so she was gonna have to walk it and she was cool with it. I love laid back hoes like this...She didn't give me any lip about it. She just said OK and that was it.

Then we're in the house and she's smoking her shit and I'm smoking my shit and drinking some liquor and after awhile we were both fucked up...Now when I first started dealing with this woman, she didn't smoke anything in front of me and tried to act like she didn't do anything but drink a lot. So now that she's comfortable, she wanted to just come out with it. The thing I've noticed about women when they smoke rock is that she is always looking around for little pieces of it that she thinks she dropped....Anything that is white or near-white, she'll pick up and examine the shit. I kept telling the woman that she wasn't gonna find shit down in the carpet but she wouldn't listen. And then she kept looking out the windows like somebody was going to bust in the door at any minute. She kept saying that somebody was blowing the horn out in my driveway and I kept assuring her that NOBODY was up in my fucking driveway. 

Then she started talking a mile a minute about everything. It was like she was the little ghetto philosopher and shit. And she always keeps begging me to "manage" her ho-ing career. She keeps having fantasies of living the good life if she just had a good man to guide her in the right direction...She has a nice little body on her but there ain't no way I'm trying to become her pimp. I've realized that I'm way too old for that shit now. Now I might take her out of town or something and work her as a flatbacker for a night or two but that's about it. I'd rather have her working for me on this website....Here, she works for me 24/7/365 and never takes a day off...I don't have to clothe her, feed her, or take care of her in any way.....Yep, I like the internet shit better. 

As you can see, I threw my dick in her mouth as usual and then I put on a Trojan-Enz condom and went to town fucking her doggystyle. You see, if you don't want as big a risk of your condom breaking, always buy 3 packs instead of 10 packs. That way, if you buy a 10 pack, all ten were rolled out of the same batch and at least one or two of them in that box could break on you....But if you buy a 3 pack, only three were rolled out of the same batch, which lessens the risk of you getting a hold of that one or two in that batch that will break.....So be sure to buy 3 packs of condoms and don't buy more than one box at a time from any one store.....You do NOT want that shit to break in the middle of fucking one of these hoes....I don't like even having to think about them when I'm finished fucking them. I don't want to worry about what dick was up in her snatch right before mine, and I don't have to think about her knocking on my door with a swole belly demanding child support...Fuck That. I wanna be in it and quit it. 

If you're not already a member, Click Here To Join to enjoy me fucking this hoe doggystyle....She's the type that likes me to call her my bitch when we're fuckin and all of that and when we were done and the camera was off, she asked me, "I'm just a dirty little slut ain't I?" and my soft ass said "Oh No...You're just Freaky"...I should have said "Hell yeah you a slut". 

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