bus stop stella

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On Superbowl Sunday, while y'all were eating potatochips and drinking beer. While you were entertaining your guests and eating nachos and beandip, your friendly neighborhood pornographer, Black Vagina Finder, was out on these cold mean streets trying to scrape up some ass to show y'all this week. I left out of the house at 3pm and didn't get back until 8. So I spent FIVE FUCKING HOURS driving around trying to find some pussy. It's cold outside so the pickins are slim out there. I can't wait until it gets hot so that I can find some pussy within 5 minutes. I burned 3/4 of a tank of gas in my raggedy car and that shit is ridiculous!

My pussyhunting guardian angels put me through some trials sometimes. They will let me try and try until I'm broken, ready to quit, and go home. That is the time when I ALWAYS find some pussy on my way back home. I saw Stella sitting at the bus stop with her coat all the way buttoned up and her head tucked inside her coat. I knew the hoe was cold cause it was freezin like a muthafucka outside. I wrapped around the block, stopped by the bus stop, rolled down my passenger side window, and hollared at her. This was how the conversation went down.

Me: Wassup Baby?

Her: nothin....

Me...where you goin?

Her....I'm going to so and so...

Me....You want to make $20 quick dollars?

Her: Yes...

Me: get in....

That is EXACTLY how it went. I was relieved that I was able to find some pussy in time enough to get back home to see the rest of the superbowl. She told me that she has been up partying since Thursday smoking crack with her acquaintances. She has been smoking for years but she is still able to pass because she has a good vocabulary. She also didn't have a lot of marks on her and her pussy was freshly washed. I'll bet that some of y'all old men out there would love to have this hoe cooking you pancakes and grits in the morning.

I shouldn't really be calling her a hoe because she was a very nice person. She just does what she has to do to get her intoxication on. Of course, she lives with some 50+ year old man who wants some companionship and is willing to put up with a crackhead who runs the streets as long as she cooks and cleans when she gets home.

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