Burger flippin bessie

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If y'all haven't realized already, I am starting to find more girls that aren't out on the streets selling their ass. For example, this week's girl, "Bessie", I recruited from one of our local shopping malls. I was in the mall running some errands and since I carry business cards with me everywhere I go, I was steadily passing out cards to the different hoes in the mall. I don't care if she is a customer or if she works at the mall. If she has an ass on her, I'm going to give her a card.

I saw Bessie talking to some 70+ year old man in the mall who was trying to get his freak on with some young pussy. She had on some tight black jeans and I first saw her from the back. I was instantly turned on by her. I interrupted her conversation with the old man and started giving her the sales pitch. I handed her a card, told her she was sexy, and that I could help her make a little extra cash.

Out of all of the girls that I met that day, Bessie is the only girl that called me. She called me the next day and we made arrangements for me to go pick her up while her boyfriend was still at work. We went to the "Budoir", drank and smoked, and she was starting to get loosened up for the photo shoot. When I went into my wallet to pull out her $50, she asked me if she could look at the picture in my wallet. After I showed it to her, she asked if she could look through the rest of my wallet. So I let her count out all of the large denomination crisp new money and I let her check out the multiple VISA and MASTERCARD logos from the different credit cards and got excited and said, "You're a Baller!". I just played it off by saying that "It ain't all like that" (even though it is) and started telling her how much money she could make with her tight body.

She just got a job at McDonalds flipping burgers and I told her that she is sitting on her moneymaker right now (her ASS) and that she shouldn't have to waste her time working at McDonalds for minimum wage when she could be at the strip club shaking her ass for big money. She doesn't think that she has the body for it and is kind of scared to do it. She was hesitant to take pictures for me but when a woman is broke as hell, $50 sounds like a whole lot of money. After I gave it to her, she sighed while she counted it out and said "I really needed this money".

As you can see, Bessie has some PHAT ASS TITTIES and a nice ass on her. When I spread her pussy open to take the picture of it, her pussy was already wet and juicy. So I started fingering her a little bit and started sucking on her luscious titties. I didn't fuck her this time but me and her are real cool with each other and she wants to start seeing me on a regular basis. Therefore, I'll be up in this young 19 year old pussy soon enough. Just another addition to my ever growing stable of new black hoes.

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