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I want to bring you the first girl that I have shot at my new house, the OASIS. You will no longer see pictures of any girls at my former pimp spot, the "Budoir". I have moved up in the world and I have outgrown that small place that I used to have. I need a whole house to do my pimpin now. This girl's name is "Bun In The Oven Olivia". As you can see, she has a little "bun" (baby) growing in her stomach as we speak. Who knows where the baby's daddy is.....One more little nigga to run the streets smokin weed, getting into trouble, and making babies that he ain't gonna take care of.....Hooray!

I have known this girl for awhile now and she isn't a crackhead. In fact, she is related to three different girls that are currently on this website...."Thanksgiving Hamhock", "Thugged Out Gay Gigi", and the most recent young tender big tittied explosion that I had on here recently, "Hoodrat Henrietta". They are all cousins. She was also present at the photoshoot when I shot Gay Gigi. A few months ago, I even had her over to the "Budoir" by herself a few months ago and we were about to take some naked pictures as soon as we finished with the Ganja and the Liquor. She had gotten all the way to taking her pants off and then backed out of doing it at the last minute. I did everything I could but she was too shy and I just had to take her home.

So since then, I have shot her cousins and they are all still cool with me and she has seen that I'm not some crazy muthafucka who rapes women by first lying about taking some pictures. After the photoshoot, every one of her cousins came back home happy, high as hell, and having some money in their pocket.

So this past weekend, I was driving around my usual neighborhood to try to find some pussy for this week. It was around midnight. I have gotten damn near every crackhead within miles of me and all of them know me now. This makes it hard for me to find some new talent on the streets. Every time I'm driving around in the hood, one of them crackheads that I know is yelling at me trying to get my attention, or walking up to my car, or whatever. I wasn't having any luck at all..I saw "Booboo Buckwheat" walking around..she's now pregnant. I also saw some other girls that I knew and didn't want. I was getting very discouraged and was thinking that I should have driven to Detroit to find me some hoes and then I see Olivia walking down the street in the middle of the night. Now I've seen her plenty around in the neighborhood and in the local bars and nightclubs, but I've never seen her out at night. I pull up to her and offer her a ride. I ask her once again if she would like to take some pictures for me. I didn't expect her to say yes since she turns me down every other time that I ask her. But this time she said that she would do it. This proves the theory that you have to find a woman when she's in the right mood. You can get turned down 99 out of 100 times, but if you find her at the right place and in the right circumstances, you might strike gold.

While we were in the car, she told me that she was pregnant and I said that it didn't matter. I've been waiting a long time to get this girl naked and I didn't want to fuck it up now. We got back to my house and we didn't even smoke a blunt or anything. She just got naked so that she could make this money. As you can see, she has some fat milky titties on her...filled with nourishing breast milk...ummm ummm. And pregnant pussy is some good pussy to fuck too. She had a nice wet pink pussy and a superclean tight asshole that looked yummy like a muthafucka.

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