Mon. April 25, 2011. "Bullseye" skinny black ho with a juicy wet mouth!

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As of right now, I still haven't fixed the air conditioning in my van....But for some reason, I had the urge to go out in the middle of the day and try to find a new piece of Ghetto Black Pussy...Since I went out too early, there wasn't anything to choose from....Then I drove by this small fenced off park and there was a woman sitting on the steps leading up to it....She didn't wave me down or anything but there was just something about her that made me wrap around the block and find out what's up with her....

I'm glad I did because as soon as I pulled up, she got in the van with no problem.....However she started giving me a little problem once we got in the van.....What I now like to do is keep the camera running for the whole time while I take the pictures and then I get my dick sucked....But if a woman is giving me some trouble in the beginning, things will change....For instance, I pay half for the pictures and half for the video so when a woman demands all of her money up front, I'm wary of her....She demanded all the money and I told her that she would get what is coming to her when it is time........I also know that when I hand females like this some money for some pictures, they'll let you take three pictures of them and then say that they're finished, leaving me with no video, a few pictures, and no blowjob.....So NOW once I catch a whiff of trouble, I instantly tell the woman that we will shoot the blowjob video first......And let me tell you, she had a nice wet mouth and made me cum quickly....

But then after that, she started trying to say that her doing the video also counted as doing some pictures and she had the nerve to demand the OTHER $20 just because and I told her HELL NO and headed towards the drivers seat to get ready to go....But as always, once you show that you're not giving up the money, then the woman relents and says "Ok we can do the pictures"...But then I say, "Fuck that! I'm going home"............Somehow she convinced me to take the pictures and I'm glad that I did....I'm sure that you will enjoy them along with the video.

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