buffalo rump

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The month of June is about to start and like I said before, June will be "Big Girl Month". This girl, and at least the next two girls will be women who have some meat on their bones. Personally, I LOVE the fat girls. The pussy is unmatched in deepness, wetness, and eagerness. And she can take a dick pounding harder than any skinny braud with less "padding" can take.

I was introduced to this girl named Shae, who is the same girl who is responsible for "Pill Poppin Penny", "Project Patty", and "Georgia Country Cornbread" . I'll have Shae herself naked for you next week. I finally broke her down to get naked after an upcoming move required her to need some quick cash from me. Shae called me and told me that she had a big girl who wanted to get naked for me and for me to come over and pick her up. I instantly got up off of the couch, grabbed my car keys, and headed over to the other side of town to pick Shae up in the projects.

We then drove back to my side of town to pick Buffalo up from her mama's house. Buffalo Rump is 22 years old and her mama is like 37 years old. I'm still trying to get her mama naked for y'all but she's bullshittin. She doesn't think anybody wants to see her "raggedy fat ass". She doesn't know us very well does she? Anyway, after we got her, we drove back to the Budoir so that I could get them both naked for the camera. I spent $120 to take pictures of both of them and I think that was a good deal.

Buffalo is one of the girls who is from the neighborhood who knows a lot of the local street niggas and routinely involves her

Buffalo didn't want Shae to see her naked so Shae waited out in the living room. When Buffalo took her clothes off, I was instantly turned on by the bountiful mounds of brown flesh that was before me. She had some nice cute titties with some luscious and "tasty" nipples. I got her bent over with the asscheeks spread so y'all can see that juicy asshole and of course I spread her thick legs wide to show y'all the pussy. Her titties were just looking too good to me so before she got her clothes back on, I grabbed her phat ass with both hands, pulled her to me, and put one of those titties straight in my mouth. Of course she was pleased to have a sexy nigga like me sucking her tits so she just wrapped her arms around me, put her head back and moaned. I wasn't trying to fuck this girl, I just had to taste her titties. Plus, I still had to bring Shae in and get her naked so I just cut it short. I'm a "professional" ya know.

I'm still trying to work on getting her mama naked but the outlook isn't too good. You never know though.

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