Brown Round

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I would have put this girl up yesterday but I was caught up with some young pussy last night....Anyway, I would like to present to you, "Brown Round", a 24 year old girl with four children....I actually shot this girl almost a month ago but she's just now coming up in the rotation. I had a choice between this shoot and two other photoshoots that I have in reserves for this site....Now it's hot, the girls

I was introduced to this girl by another girl that is on this website. The other girl called me and said that she had a caramel colored girl with a badoonka dunk ass that wanted to get naked.....I didn't hesitate to pack up my camera and drive over to the projects on the other side of town to see what this girl looked like....When I got over there, another girl that I shot a few years ago was sitting on the couch looking thick and sexy and chocolate as ever. I'll soon have her back on here getting freaky too.........

Since the girl who referred Brown Round to me is a cool person, I came over there with something to smoke on and then sent the girl to the corner store to get us some Long Island Iced Tea and some beer and me and the three girls sat there and played cards and got our buzz on....After everybody was nicely buzzed, Brown Round wasn't as quiet and nervous as she was before...The other two girls assured her that I would make her comfortable and that everything would be alright.....Also after Brown Round had some beer, all of a sudden, I was just sexy as hell to her....Go figure.....So we sat on the couch all close and talked for a few minutes and after I got her loosened up, it was time to go in the back to her bedroom so that she could show me her goodies. 

Once those clothes were off and I saw those titties and that ass, I was turned on like a muthafucka...We fucked around a little bit while we were taking the pictures and by the time the photoshoot was over, she was REALLY friendly....So after we were done, we laid there in her bed and talked for awhile. I can't remember too much what the conversation was about because I was just saying "uh huh" while I was rubbing her ass and thighs....But she was happy to get whatever she needed to get off her chest and next thing you know, she was sound asleep and snoring....So I got up and took a picture of her asleep and then went back in the front room and told the other two girls that I was leaving......But what is fucked up is that the other girl called me and told me that Brown Round said that $20 was missing when I left....Now I gave this girl $125.00 that day and that price included a hot Fuji Finepix digital camera I bought from her....Why in the hell would I steal $20 measly dollars from her? That's why the other girl told her that I'm not even that type of person to take money from her and I'm not. These girls be trippin sometimes.

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