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This 20 year old female with one child was referred to me by one of her friends who has also gotten naked and freaked on this website. She originally called me almost two months ago and said that she would be interested in getting naked on film. But since I have SO MANY girls calling me all of the time trying to make some money, I put her off for two months, mainly because I didn't want to pay her friend the referral fee. But she finally wore me down because she bothered the FUCK out of me routinely until I couldn't say no any longer.

Like I said, she has one child and her babydaddy is in jail (what a surprise). So she lives in the projects with her child. Our project apartments around here are somewhat luxurious so don't start with the feeling sorry for her shit because she's still doing alright. She was saying how her child needed a father in her life (who doesn't?) and that the babydaddy wouldn't be coming around anymore. I've been around long enough to take everything that a female says with a grain of salt because the nigga in jail might only be in there for a few months and when he gets out with no job and no place to live, where in the fuck is he going to go? His babymomma. So I already know better than to even think about getting involved with a woman who has a man in jail.....She was also telling me about how she LOVES fat niggas. The fatter, the better, and she doesn't want any kind of skinny nigga. She said that her babydaddy is 450 pounds. Now I'm not an obese muthafucka but I do have a few pounds on me so I would assume that her friend told her what I looked like before I met her so Bonita was just buttering me up on the phone to let me know that she prefers fat niggas. I know the game and I wasn't trying to hear it really.

For the two months that I was talking to her on the phone, from her description, I didn't think that she would turn me on. Now this doesn't really matter because I'll put any female that wants to get naked up on this site. But when I went over there to see her, she kind of turned me on. She has some nice milky titties on her and they hang nicely when she is bent over. They're nice and soft and suckable also :) ........When I came over, I brought some Paul Masson Brandy and some weed and a pack of Black & Milds with me and after we got our drink and smoke on, it was time for me to see her full soft body.

She has a nice fuckable ass on her and a beautiful pink clean pussy. I almost had to dive in and take a lick myself...She was already told by the other girl that the photoshoot would be "funny" so she already has to know how to like to squeeze ass, suck tits, and lick pussy during my photoshoots.  So Click Here To Join and see her upclose pussy and asshole shots. You won't be disappointed.

After we took the pictures, we left her place so that I could take her over to her friends house on my side of town. While we were in the parking lot, Bonita asked "Can I call you later?" and I said that she can if she wants to. She said that she had a good time with me and she liked our conversation and yadda yadda. I don't know if she really likes me or she likes my wallet (cause I know she's been told about that also by her friends) so I wasn't thinking much about it. I've messed with at least 7-8 of her friends already so all of the girls have already seen my penis.

I like the girl. She's cool people and she turns me on sexually. But the fact that she already said that she needs "help" let's me know to keep my distance from these girls. I'm not trying to take on yet another bill so if the woman doesn't have money, a car, and her own place, I can't seriously date her. It's just too expensive and too much of a hassle....In fact, I just shot the girl a few hours ago and she already called me and asked me if I could come over there to her friends house real quick. I told her that I was working and she said that she would call me back in a couple of hours. For what? She already made some money tonight. The only thing else she would want from me tonight is more money and I ain't on it. I'm not about to go over there. My wallet is full of cash, my body is full of weed and liquor, and I don't need to bust a nut, so I'm going to sit here on this Saturday night and watch this bootleg DVD of "Mr3000" with Bernie Mac.  It only cost me five dollars.......

I'll see y'all next time with more pussy.

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