"Bother Me Bonita" Is Pregnant!

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I would like to present to you the last update you'll get until 2006....I don't like to take shots of a girl twice unless she's pregnant or something and since "Bother Me Bonita" got herself knocked up by her ex-boyfriend, I might as well come through the hood and sprinkle a little cash on her so that all of y'all can see how a woman's body changes when she is pregnant....And for the record, NO! The child isn't mine although during our fuck scene, I slipped up and fucked her raw and I was concerned about that shit...But thankfully her ex-boyfriend came along a little while after me and saved the day..So now, she can ask HIM for stuff for the baby.....And as usual, the nigga is now nowhere to be found. 

So since Christmas was coming up and she needed to get some shit out of layaway at Walmart for her kids, here I come to the rescue to save the day!...She always asks me if I have some more work for her and luckily for her, her number came up...And YES! I know that y'all still want me to shoot a video with "Bonita's Mama" and I'm still working on it...I told Bonita that niggas keep asking about her mama and I think that it's about to happen between me and her mama real soon....But since I was about to go out of town for the holidays and little did I know that my transmission would die the next day, so I wasn't able to shoot her mama this go around but she's in line to show me how those old lady's suck dick real soon.

But in the meantime, Click Here To Join to enjoy the upclose shots of the daughter's pussy while she's pregnant...Ain't nothing like pregnant pussy I always say....And you can always enjoy her two blowjob videos and one fuck video that I've already shot with this girl...So now it's time to put this girl out to pasture now since I've used her until I used her up for this site...It's time to move on to more greener pastures and fresher black ghetto FLESH.....And never forget to keep checking out my audio talkshow blog at MrNoGood.com , where I'm about to do a movie review of the movie, "Roll Bounce".

I'll see y'all next week with some more black ghetto pussy.


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