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Last weekend, I was driving home from the nightclub at around 3 a.m. I was exhausted from all of the young tender ass I was getting left and right. It was 18 and up night so all of the high school hoodrat honies in town were there to shake their asses. I had them teenagers bent over on the dance floor, grabbin ass, titty, rubbin stomachs, and all that shit. I tried to get this one girl over to the "Budoir" afterwards and she said no but she promised to call me.

Right when I was about to get to my house, I drove by two crackheads standing on the corner. I knew that I needed a bitch for this week but I was too tired and I passed them up, then I saw "Bored Barbara" walking down the street with some tight jeans on. I tried to get this girl earlier that night before I went to the club. I was going to get her naked real quick, leave my camera at the studio, and go straight to the club. However, I lost the girl when I made a U-turn so I went on to the club.

Since It was now 3 in the morning, she was tired from being out on the streets hustling all night long. Even though she was tired, she knew the deal like all the other hoes out there. The girls know to be outside when all the niggas get home from the club after trying and failing to get some ass that night. This means that 3am is PRIMETIME for finding hoes in my neighborhood. I just don't do it much at night because the police be creepin and the last thing I need is to be stopped and searched. The only reason a nigga like me with no proof of insurance and sometimes not having my drivers license on me isn't in jail is because I can mesmerize them white cops with my perfect proper textbook English. Once they hear me talk, most of the time, they just let me go. A nigga with good English can go a long way in the USA. I never have problems with Customs or anything when I travel internationally by myself from known narcotics countries (i.e. Nigeria, Jamaica. etc.)

So I picked up the girl and took her to the Budoir. She was tired and I was tired but business is business. I got her naked, bent her over, spread her legs, got the upclose pussy and asshole, and the usual shit. Her ass STANK LIKE A MUTHAFUCKA but I can't hate on her. I was all sweaty from dancing all night at the club and I'll bet if my asscheeks were open, it would have stank like a muthafucka too.

Members will see that she wasn't too happy to take the pictures but I didn't give a fuck. I paid her $20 and she was about to show that ass. I don't give a fuck if she smiles or not. This shit is about KODAK PIMPIN!

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