Boob Zilla

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I never met this 20 year old big black tit having young girl until a short time before she got naked. I was introduced to this girl by another girl on this website named "Money". At the time of me writing this, you can still see Money getting fucked if you scroll down a couple of stories....I actually had a choice between two young girls that I was going to shoot. One choice was going to be an 18 year old hoodrat that a girl told me about. When I have a choice, I'll always pick the younger girl even if the older girl is close in age. I just like it when the girl has the "teen" part behind her age. 

Anyway, I was preparing to do a photoshoot with the other girl and all I had to do was call her friend so that she could tell me where I could find the young girl. But before I got around to calling her, "Money" called me and told me that she had a 20 year old girl with huge titties that she wanted me to meet....Since I didn't call the other girl yet, I decided to go ahead and see what the big titty 20 year old looked like. 

I go over to the same raggedy ass house that I told you about in the "Lockjaw" story....I didn't see Lockjaw anywhere around so I guess that she was off with another dumb nigga wasting her time. I never found out because I never asked about her because when I came in the house, there is Money in some tight jeans dancing in the living room and my hello hug consisted of me grinding on her ass to the music for a few seconds instead of hugging her....I then sit on the couch and shoot the shit while Boobzilla gets ready upstairs....When she finally came downstairs, I was pleasantly surprised because she was a SEXY thick ghetto girl with some thick thighs and ass and some huge floppy titties that bounced around on her chest as she walked down the steps. And she's chocolate too. Just like I like em. And since she's 20, she is a good three years from growing out of her "young tender" stage so she's good to go. 

Like I said in my "LockJaw" story, "Money" got mad when I started hanging out with Lockjaw for a second because she thought that she would be losing me as a friend when that was far from the truth. Money is still a young tender. Lockjaw is 35 so I'm keeping my interests in the young girl. Plus she can bring me her young girlfriends like Boobzilla......So as we were driving back across town to my house, Boobzilla says that she's really nervous about taking some naked pictures because she thought that she was too fat and that nobody would like looking at her. 

What surprised me is how Money was so quick to jump in and explain to her that I would make her feel very comfortable and she said to the girl, "Don't worry. By the time you leave his house, he'll have you feeling like the most beautiful girl in the world."......I shit you not. That's exactly what she said to that girl and I had to say "Wow, I didn't know that you felt all like that". Because I had no idea until she said it and I was shocked. I've heard girls say that I made them feel good during the photoshoot but I've never heard a girl say it so emphatically like Money did. 

We stopped by the corner store to get some of those Smirnoff Ice green apple drinks and some blunts and we were back to my house....Since Money has been to my house plenty of times, she asked if she could check her email and then plopped in front of the computer and she stayed there the whole time playing music and surfing the net. As she sat down, she told Boobzilla that my house is the place that she comes to escape all of the bullshit in the streets and have a place to getaway and relax.....After we had some Smirnoff and some Canadian whiskey, I had Boobzilla completely transformed from a quiet girl that didn't smile to a girl who was smiling ear to ear. All a man has to do is make these girls feel comfortable, be straight up with them, let them have a good time, and let them make a little money and these girls will keep coming to you ALL DAY LONG and they'll bring their friends with them! 

So we sat there and played music and talked and laughed for a little while and finally, Boobzilla was feeling comfortable enough to take off her clothes.....Well kinda...I had to warm her up a bit to get it going....So first, we stood in the middle of the living room while I stood behind her and whispered some "sweet nothings" in her ear and rubbed her ass and breasts...Umm umm those tittays felt sooooo goood! I then turned her towards me and said whatever I had to say to make her feel good and I then reached up under her shirt and behind her back and unhooked her bra. All of this was going on while Money was watching so it was all in fun. Money knows how it goes....

Unhooking her bra was enough to get her started so after she took off her shirt, I felt how big and heavy and soft her young "breast-esses" were and I couldn't help myself. I grabbed her left titty and popped it right into my mouth. I didn't give a shit. She then said "Oh you're just gonna suck my titty huh?" and I said "HELL YEAH"! Shit, I paid to get her naked so I gotta sample the goods. Especially when they're young titties that have never nursed a baby before. 

By the time the photoshoot was over, just like every other female, she said that she had fun and wouldn't mind doing it again. Of course they wouldn't mind. I treat the girls good and they have a good time. Nothing is wrong with it because we're all consenting adults. And you can see by the big smile on their face that she was definitely having a good time.....

On the drive back to their house, I stopped by McDonalds to get them something to eat, and put some money in both of their pockets, and dropped their asses the fuck off and drove the fuck back home.....No Drama and No Bullshit. That's the kind of good time that I'm looking to have. While we were in the car I was rubbing all on Boobzilla's thighs in those skintight thin jeans and when she got out of the car, she HAPPILY said, "We're gonna have to hook up and kick it again!". I said "Ok Baby. We'll work it out" and drove off....She was a cool chick and I hope to have her back soon to do some oral action. Since she liked me, it's very possible that it will be happening in the near future.

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